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having a ton of fun with the game! this was the first time i encountered the yukon version of solitaire.

with the yukon rule not working as others have said there is also spiderette that has a missing rule, you can draw cards while there is an empty slot on the board, this should not be possible.

would it also be possible to add stats on the pause menu (playdate menu button) for how many games won in total? thanks in advance

so yeah, this is nearly a solo project entirely(thank you for helping out editor) and it fits together really nicely. the way the music hits properly with the wonderful escalating tracks that just managed to add extra panic to my already overloaded brain, the calm tracks that made crying on them just kind of weirdly serene, and the emotion that was pulled out of me as just, something resembling fear mixed with adoration or... maybe something like the empathy with what happens being too heavy mixing the feeling of "this is trauma now" and "i have known love this deep" both flowing together was odd.

money wont be enought to thank you, words wont be enough too, im glad for you it might feel like enough.

this will be shared, thank you for making it

wonderful game executed really well!!

Level 322 on normal mode is the best one yet

Bug report! Please make the diamond connection come out on top so this dosent happen

nice gameplay loop!

ennemies in noct 1 and 2 (the 3 legged ones) can get stuck on your voidballs