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roll community · Created a new topic Bugs & Issues

Found something wrong with our project? It's still in Early-Access with plenty more content still on its way, so if you've found an issue please let us know!

Please include:

  • The phone you were using.
  • What you were doing before the issue occurred.
  • A short description about the issue.
  • If it's a graphical issue, screenshots are very helpful as well~!

Thank-you everyone~! ^^

We thank you for your participation and appreciation, and look forward to your continued support for the primary project.

Thank-you for your interest. Unfortunately the product can not be converted from it's current state. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to your continued support of the primary project.

Keep it up, the other endings are there~ ;)
Thank-you for enjoying the game! ^^

There are 5 endings, plus a post-game secret. ^^
Sadly, I am not providing any information about the post-game, but it is not very big or special, just a little extra I squeezed in at the last minute~

Fantastic video, thank-you so much for playing and sharing your experience~! ^^

My absolute pleasure, I'm glad both your and your fiancé enjoyed it, and explored it so deeply~! ^^
May all your summons be of the highest stars! <3

Thank-you very much~! I'm really glad to hear how well your resonated with the concepts of the game~ ^^

Really glad you liked it! ^^ I love making games like this, so hopefully down the line I'll have more for you to explore~ :)

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Hey macOS peeps! Some more news! ^^

So, for those encountering the 'Permissions' error, which seems to be consistent on BigSur, I am now able to present an alternative; the WebGL version! We now have a browser build of the game available and it has been confirmed to work on Mac computers that were unable to run the macOS downloadable build. While the experience of the WebGL version is marginally less-so than the downloadable version, it works!

There is additionally another potential solution, however it involves utilising Terminal to alter the game files, and we can not safely recommend this process, however, at your own discretion, you are able to search that fix yourself~ ^^

I apologise this isn't a proper fix to the build, but given my current facilities, this is the best solution I am able to provide~ I hope everyone is able to enjoy the game!! ^,,^


Just a quick update on the macOS issues. After talking to a good handful of peeps, it seems the issues only exist with older Mac computers. There are two possible reasons for this:

- The game utilises Unity's URP for rendering (so I could have full access to writing my own shaders). There is a chance older Macs (just as Win7) can not access these assets and as such, the OS refuses to load the application.

- The game has been built on Windows Unity, and as such does not include very specific lines of code that are necessary to run on older Macs. While there is nothing I can currently do on my end, I would recommend people who are having issues, especially "You do not have permission" issues, to check out the link below. I can not guarantee it will work, but it seems to be the current go-to for now.

Apologies to anyone having these issues. Please let me know if you are having any problems with the game, macOS or Win10, and we'll see if we can't address them, though at the moment it seems to be running smoothly in the vast majority of cases~ ^^

(Link for altering the application on older macOS.)

Heya peeps!

I've had someone come-forth with an issue with the macOS build. I am currently trying to pinpoint the cause as it seems to work on most macOS computers. If you're having issues please let me know. <3


"You are a Machine. Make choices about Machines."

NieR:Cogito is a lil 3-week game submission into NieR:Re[in]carnation's Content Creator competition! A very simple interactive story where you make Yes/No choices that decide the fate all Machine-kind! Multiple-endings, deep conversations, a rich soundtrack, and some rather odd questions that don't have answers! This derivative work has it all for the human who is looking to be a machine who is looking to be a human! It's also non-commercial and purely a labour of love, so it's entirely free!

Check out the game here, or give the trailer a watch! Let me know what you think and if you were able to find all the game's secrets~ ;)
Thank you for your attention, and all the best~ ^,,^

If you think-up any new and interesting roles, I would love to hear about them!

Upload complete. Emergency protocol is now in place.

For our security and your entertainment, please store the core files in a secure location, and enjoy from a responsible viewing distance. For yours and our safety, do not tamper with the core files, and follow all text-prompts and instructions contained within the product.

If the primary project should fail, please back-up the core files and follow the instruction of the product. If the primary project should succeed, please report to the nearest distribution center for access.

If you have any questions or issues concerning the product or the primary project, please disregard them and continue to follow the guidance of the product. If you, your device, your loved ones, or other nearby witnesses experience any abnormal symptoms, please ignore them as they are not a result of storing the core files nor experiencing the product.

To acquire the core files, please access the following:

Thank-you for your co-operation, and we look forẁ̵͉a̴̟̐r̸̲̆d̸͈͘ to our continued mu̷̺͌t̵̘̀u̴̦͛a̴̗̚l̴̫̿l̴̨̀y ben̷e̴f̴i̶cial rel̶̲̓a̷͎̎tionship.