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This game is really neat! I know it's an early release, but deleting objects is pretty hard, and sometimes marked buildings will cause them to keep trying to build it, draining every bit of alloy, while not allowing it to be deleted.  I think the glitch was caused when I marked a turret for deletion while it was being attacked and destroyed. 

Fun, great game. A few thoughts:

1. The production of power seems to be difficult to understand. I can build dozens of those green generators, and yet it refuses to give enough power to the 3 way splitters or travel any sort of useful distance.

2. I'm also confused on how to get materials OUT of your base. Things you can build with seem to disappear alright, but what about trying to refine coal and iron into steel?

3.  It can be hard to distinguish iron and steel and such similar things. Maybe make mined iron red. Also little arrow directions, maybe in yellow, on top of the conveyors would really, really help people design. Sometimes it doesn't want to place in the direction it said it was pointing. 

4. Additionally, I'm not sure if it was intentional, but if you point the conveyor arrow left, and drag from the opposite direction, it seems to force it to point that direction instead, so maybe make sure the pointer adjusts to the direction you drag it?

5. Iron production is too high, or coal is too low. If you build 2 iron and 2 coal mines, you'll end up with a solid stream of iron clogging up your distribution points and conveyors around your steel refinery. I like to make a recirculation loop to keep the iron going around and letting the few coal in, and distribute it out to another line which just goes to the base where thousands of iron sit unneeded. 

Great game!

"Not available on windows" in the desktop app.  You may have to adjust the category to "demo" I've heard.

Clever adaption of Snake. Simplistic with enough graphics to make it interesting, though the chat box annoyed me. Maybe make it closable by hitting space or something.  And WASD usable as well as arrow keys. I think it might help out not having to move your right hand so much to close boxes and go back to arrow keys and all. User comfort. Overall, good game.

The start of the game took a minute, clicking around the nodes to find the initial email, which "emailbrowser" is a lot of useless extra to type by the way, and it wasn't very intuitive how to use the tools. You have to drag them to the other side of the window, but it's not really clear how to detect tripwires and honeypots. There's no pattern to really help the player establish what looks "too sweet" when starting out your goal is to download everything. It could be a good game, but it lacks in player empathy to be playable.

It looks just like the original. Is it possible to have alternate controls similar to the original? Shift to shoot, mouse controlled direction and sensitivity? I think this would be a great game to practice for the original/extend the game if it could be more similar. Good job!