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You have to find  4 special artifact pieces and bring them to the special room in the crown vault. They're scattered around in different areas in the game and the artifacts are saved between runs if you manage to place one where it belongs. I'll spoil them below, so it's your choice whether or not you want to know the exact answers.






1st Piece - Enter the crown vault in an area where the low HP music is playing (Desert, Scrapyard, Snow City), the Artifact will most likely be there

2nd Piece  - Go behind the throne in the Throne Room, there's another artifact right behind it

3rd Piece - Enter the warp zone and find the hidden area with the Twins pet. The artifact will be just behind them

4th Piece - Go to the IDPD base and check the side walls, after standing next to them for a bit, they'll open up and one of them will have IDPD soldiers and the other one will have the last artifact. Then you have to defeat the Captain and use the new pet that she drops to warp back to your original run

Bring each of those artifacts back to the crown room and prepare for the worst.

Good luck!

A way to start with pets. Something along the lines of crowns. It kind of sucks that in order to have certain pets in a run, I have to loop or go to an area where I miss out on doing things in another area. I just want to do something silly like use twins at the very start and run around with gamma guts.

/load [Type the name of the folder you extracted from the download]

The font is coded into the game. I'm unsure how to access it. Sorry, but I'm sure you might be able to find it if you looked up Nuclear Throne Font!

I think inverting the passive and actives would make his kit more interesting personally. Firing off my secondary weapon at random is more inconvenient than helpful, especially because it consumes ammo.

I found this game to be somewhat addictive and fun, but was troubled by the feeling of the controls and a couple of the mechanics. I think the movement feels pretty stiff and attacking doesn't feel very good due to the limited range of the hitbox along with the fact that a majority of enemies need to be hit by crouch attacking.

Also the dive attack dealing reduced damage to enemies that normally die in one or two hits makes it feel pretty bad to use in tight situations especially because it bugs out sometimes. The final boss feels like it's only difficult because you can't stab him on the head and the herd of mobs take focus away from him but the boss itself isn't very engaging.

Lastly I fail to see why the character has a shield on their design if it doesn't actually do anything. Overall I think it's a pretty good game for one that was made in 3 days and a more fleshed out one would feel great if it controlled better and had better attacking mechanics. Most of the enemies were fun to interact with despite their simplicity like the coffin and floor eye thing. The arrow enemies shouldn't have 2 health imo considering how hard they are to hit.

This game was awesome. Definitely something I'd like to see expanded into a full fledged title. I have a similar complaint as a prior comment about getting hit when I'm certain I used the correct shape on the same pattern that they mentioned.

I see. That's unfortunate, but the mod is still cool.

I'm not sure if I was running it properly, but when I customize a weapon, I can't test its properties and there doesn't appear to be a way to assign a sprite to the weapon. It's a cool mod in concept though!

says the mod has a compile error when I try to load it. 

"Suspicious assignment after variable declaration. Did you forget a ',' or a ';'?"