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wow, nice work!!

Awesome asset!

You're welcome!

DeLorean ? 5 STAR

Really cool stuff, keep going!

Sorry for the late reply, I prefer the vector style, but it's my opinion, I also like pixels, I think that based on the type of game devs will create, they set a certain style!
In any case I will wait the new character generator =)

Are you planning to add a hero character in future update?
(male and female)

Hi, thanks to made all of your assets for free, your work is really awesome, you have in plan to make some icons and items, such as carbon, iron ingot, bucket etc ?

Thanks for your reply!


what exactly is in this asset pack?

The crops have different stage of grow ?

Thanks for the reply, of course I will credit you! 

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This assets pack is really awesome, what license have, is possible to use it to make a commercial game?

Thanks for your answer!

Hi, I love this music, is it possible to use for a commercial game?

You're welcome and thanks for the reply!


I found the same assets on, they have the permission to resell this assets or is a scam website ?

thanks for the reply, I will wait to see the next updates!!


your assets are really cool, will you add new sprites in future?

uuh nice, I'm always here waiting for your awesome assets!!

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you're welcome and thank you to share these amazing assets for free!!

I think this packs are really nice and to make a game with this assets take time, someone will make a game with this, and if you can, you could make a character compatible with this pack, would be great

uuh really awesome!! now someone will have to make a diablo-style game


Another awesome pack is here!


thanks for the answer!

is commercial use allowed ?

Uuuh I will wait!

Awesome and is free!! thanks for sharing



I downloaded the assets pack, but inside I find the isometric medieval pack

uuh the girafe is so cutee! <3

Hi, do you have any lootboxes compatible with this kit?

Finally the cafeteria is here!!

thanks, great news, hope you can do it soon

Hi, is it possible that in the future you will also add sound effects and/or musics for games on website from premium and/or free users?

Uuh really happy to hear this, I will wait the entire collection!


Hi, I love the cyberpunk pixel assets, is possible to have a game kit on craftpix website with all assets of this type when the collection is completed ?