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This was due to how the composer mixed the song. We have already discussed it and agree completely that it starts too hard. The end bit was also going to be a lot harder but it became almost impossible to play. Thanks!

Thanks for playing it!
In regards to the game freeze and the score, they were both implemented late so I didn't have time to polish it. The amount of time that the score takes to tick up can be adjusted so I'll shorten that when I can reupload.
The feedback for the note we were going to have a sound effect but time restraints. I also wanted to add indicators for how good your hit was above the hit marker. Poor, Good, Great, Excellent, and Perfect. In terms of the misaligned gamenotes, I have a sync feature but didn't have time to put it in an options menu.
The notes also were more of a last minute thing and I'll probably change it to a multi-track system. The problem I had with the multitrack was how much space it would take up but that can be remedied by making the notes themselves smaller.
Thanks for all of the feedback!