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Hi, ojosama! I tried out this game for a little bit and I like how the battle system sort of reminded me of the Shin Megami Tensei games. Unfortunately, there are a few bugs that I feel should be ironed out for it to be an enjoyable experience. 

The biggest (almost game-breaking) bug was how the spells you equip seem to be inaccurate to how they appear in battle. The 2nd spell's slot takes the 1st spell's slot, the 3rd spell's slot takes the 2nd spell's slot, and so on:

In this screenshot, for example, the 3rd spell seems to activate the 2nd spell on the list instead. It's not just a visual glitch either, the actual effect is completely changed. The exception is the 1st spell slot which usually takes the fire spell by default, but I haven't tested it thoroughly.

I think it's important to fix this glitch because the main mechanic of the game is exploiting enemy weaknesses and it's hard to do that when your options become more limited than they already are.

Other possible bugs include:

  • Refilling your Life and Mana serums can be done indefinitely as long as you use up two empty bottles at a time, so you can just have infinite potions if you wanted to.
  • Pressing X during the opening scene will open the pause menu.
  • Moving through the menus just seems inconsistent in general, i.e. sometimes it's too sensitive and moves too fast, and other times it drops inputs and I have to mash the button for it to work. I have this same problem with a couple of your other games (Lotus Eater Princess and 3 AM Cathrath). Not sure if it's just my computer.

Additionally, this is just from my first impressions, but it feels a little frustrating that the only way to get new spells is from enemy drops. Especially since experimenting with new spells is key to winning battles, I personally don't like the idea that your progress is essentially gated behind random chance. Maybe there can be a currency system and a merchant to buy spells from, or picking up spells when you find Alice parts.

Well, those are my thoughts anyway. I don't know if you're still working on this project, but in case you are, I hope this information helps in some way!

A great visual novel about complicated relationships! Excellent writing and art from this developer as usual. Here's part 1 of my playthrough here:

I must say though, Yule had a really strong impression in the story, more so than Ivy. Without too much spoilers, let's just say I'm simultaneously appalled and impressed by the audacity of this jackass!

Very suspenseful! This visual novel really nailed an unnerving atmosphere. Here's part 1 of my full playthrough, if anyone's interested:

What I liked was the ambiguity of your relationship with your so-called girlfriend, so it kept you invested in finding out what was truly going on. The visual and audio design also made everything feel slightly off and was a great complement to the story.

The only element that I felt was not to my taste was the few times where a scene was overly described as if it was a book. Like when Nagi's every physical feature was explained in the beginning, even though her clearly drawn sprite is right in front of you! Sometimes it added to the tone of the game if done with purpose, but other times it felt unnecessary to me. But that's just my own subjective preference, I know others would disagree with me.

Anyhow, it's a great horror visual novel! I can see the inspiration from Charon's games, but it definitely has its own twist to it.

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Amazing horror game with great art as always, I recommend it! It was fun to see all the different ways things could go wrong. Here's my playthrough for anyone interested:

The puzzles flowed well because exploring the different floors naturally helped me progress. I also liked the tone of "corporate surrealism" that the dialogue was going for. I didn't remember to mention it in the video, but I felt like it had an "American Psycho (2000)" feel to it.

Of course, there's the usual bugs that the other comments have mentioned, but I'll state what I experienced:

  • The FN key doesn't exist on my desktop keyboard, so I can't look up.
  • If you interact with the no-smoking sign on the wall after getting the related ending, it softlocks.
  • The secret after completing all endings doesn't activate (I tried multiple playthroughs and even save editing, but it refuses to work!)

However, my biggest piece of feedback is probably the controls. RPGmaker buttons with point-and-click adventure mouse cursor makes it awkward on my hands because I have to switch back and forth all the time. I think consolidating everything into first-person controls would work best (i.e. WASD + mouse).

Overall though, this is probably a highlight for the Spooktober visual novel jam for me.

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Highly recommended if you want to play a point-and-click adventure game with unconventional mechanics and a spooky atmosphere. Here's my own playthrough for anyone interested:

I played the original version as well, so I can safely say that the full version essentially has more content that extends the length of the game. The difficulty was also ramped up, which gave me a hard time! Though, I noticed that there was hint system added in a later update which might make it easier for others.

There's also more to the game than what I did in my first playthrough. I won't spoil it here, but you can find it in my other video on my Youtube channel if you're really curious. However, it's all I was able to find, so I have no idea if there's still anything else to discover!

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Highly recommended! Not only is it a competent Yume Nikki fangame, it also doesn't feel like Yume Nikki (in a a good way). Here's part one of my playthrough, if anyone's interested:

Good visuals, good atmosphere, and fun to explore. I really like how this game has it's own unique universe, which makes it stand out from other Yume Nikki-esque games while still retaining the tone and mechanics. It's an excellent example of how "good artists borrow, but great artists steal".

My only gripe is that it felt like there were too many dead-ends, so the world doesn't feel as interconnected as it could be. Maybe there were more, but I only found two fast travel points. As far as I know, there also isn't the classic "return to the hub world" power (maybe I missed it somehow?). It's only apparent, however, when you're like me and want to find all the secrets such as the audio tapes, so you end up backtracking a lot.

Anyways, great game! I'll be looking forward to the next project from the developer!

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Solid experience overall! Interesting movement system, fun boss fights, and a vampire waifu, what more can you ask for? Here's my playthrough for anyone interested:

Not much feedback I can give other than a few obvious suggestions if there's still interest to add more content:

For example, expanding the rouge-lite elements would be great for replayability, such as adding additional playable characters and/or more types of dash techniques for completely different kinds of playstyles. Of course, adding more stages and separate routes with more boss fights will add even more variety.

If there's any desire to expand the narrative a little, it would also be cool to see a few different outcomes depending on how you play the game (i.e. how fast you complete the game). Oh, and some CG art to accompany the endings would be great too, but not necessary (all I'm saying is that Valerie in a swimsuit would probably do wonders for marketing).

Anyways, I had a good time, I'll be looking forward to anything else that the team creates in the future!

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This game came as a surprise to me! The surreal visuals caught my eye, but I didn't realize how much I would enjoy the other elements too. Here's my playthrough for anyone interested:

It had a quirky and off-beat tone that I quite liked. The mystery writing was competent, and the art style contrasted well with the grotesque backgrounds. Of course, extra cookie points for the blatant weeb references.

I do have a gripe with the lack of a save system though. There's generally no excuse not to have it if you have a game with multiple endings, I personally think it's better to encourage players to explore the content and not force them back from the beginning after all. The linear narrative is fun to read the first time, but not after the 3rd time!

Oh, and a small detail that only affects content creators, but the church music is copyright claimed (I had to swap the music out to a public domain song).

But anyways, I loved the game otherwise. My single regret is that I didn't understand most of the puns, because my only experience with pasta is spaghetti!

I wish the developers/artists the best for future projects!

Thanks for the translation! I've been meaning to try out the Towelket series, and uploading it on was a good excuse for me. Here's episode 1 of my playthrough for those interested:

To be honest, looking at the content warnings, I thought this game was a lot darker than it was. The only part that mildly disturbed me was the rampant sexual harassment of a particular character (which I still don't know if it was supposed to be funny or not!), but otherwise it was mostly a standard JRPG experience in my opinion.

So, a question to the translators, or anyone who's played the games: Do the other entries in the Towelket get more interesting in terms of story? I do have a morbid preference for dark themes in RPGmaker games such as End Roll and Omori, so if it goes in that direction, that would be great!

This visual novel was great! I can definitely see the CHARON inspiration. Here's the first part of my playthrough for anyone interested (Ichigo just has some strawberry jam on his face in the thumbnail, don't worry about it):

The UI design is competent, the artstyle looks good, and while I had a few issues with the grammar (but only because I'm annoyingly pedantic) the writing hit the right parts for me. Though the themes might not be for everyone, I'm very biased in that I love these types of stories.

My only gripes would be that I felt one of the endings was too "nice" for the protagonist and the way Yuzuki's backstory was told didn't feel like it fit with the rest of the pacing in the game, but these are just my opinions.

Otherwise, Sweetest Valentine was an enjoyable experience and I wish the developer all the best for their potential next project!

As a fan of surreal RPGmaker games, I found this one pretty interesting! Here's my playthrough for those that want to watch:

I want to emphasize that the game is competently made. The puzzles were clever (though pretty difficult at times, but I'm terrible at puzzles), the visual style is cool, and there is even a bit of variety to the gameplay.

However, my main gripe is the lack of an engaging story. It seems like the intro and ending cutscenes indicate that the main character is simply retelling a weird dream she had to her friends at school, which kind of takes away any mystery from the game (unless I'm a dummy and there is something I'm misunderstanding).

It doesn't necessarily need a deep narrative, but for a RPGmaker game tagged with "horror" and "surreal", I expected something akin to Yume Nikki where there's an overarching theme to everything in the dream and a much darker story to find hidden just beneath the surface.

Overall, I think it's a good prototype, but a little bit of direction in terms of what the game is supposed to be about would make it much more memorable, in my opinion.

Also, as an aside, I did find a compressed folder named "bonus" in the game files. It requires a password to extract it though. I don't know if it's part of the game, but a hint would be nice if possible!

Thanks for the translation! I enjoyed it very much because it's reminiscent of classic RPGmaker games back in the day. Here's the first part of my full playthrough for anyone interested:

I generally have no complaints about the script, the dialogue felt natural and I didn't notice any typos as far as I remember. Most of the puzzles were fine and some were even really clever, but a handful of them did leave me scratching my head, especially the "Odd One Out" section.  I don't know if the hints ended up being more vague when you translate it to English, or maybe it was as intended by the developer, but the game does troll you really hard at times!

Also, the description mentions how SPIEGEL EI isn't a horror game, but I would say it fits perfectly well in the genre considering the visuals and themes in the story. In fact, it's exactly the type of horror that I really love where it's more about the psychological aspect instead of relying on jumpscares and movie cliches. But that's just my opinion.

Anyways, good luck on your future projects!

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This is a well-made RPG maker game, I recommend it! The "2.5D" graphics is also quite unique, it's not something that's done very often for this type of engine. Here's my own playthrough if anyone wants to take a look:

I'm actually surprised how practically everything is made by one person. To me, it seems that the art, story, and game design are all created by someone who already has professional experience!

Looking back, I think I misunderstood the narrative a little by mixing up the names (but that's really my own fault), otherwise I'm a fan of how it unfolds and it stands well on its own as a self-contained story. However, I would say this style has a lot of potential for more games if necessary. Maybe more adventures within the world, or something else entirely? But anyways, I look forward to any future projects!

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Definitely a good follow-up to the original DOOMORI, it's really silly yet well-made. Here's my own playthrough for anyone interested:

I like the variety of gameplay mechanics and the amount of expanded content compared to the first game. The story is dumb and memey, but it doesn't overstay its welcome. I also appreciate the copyright-free music mode.

However, it's very difficult! I don't know it it's just me, but the "SweetHeart" level was especially challenging because of the narrow corridors and punishing platforming (you fall once, you reset from the very beginning of the level). In my opinion, I wish there was more leeway, like with well-placed checkpoints or more health in general (e.g. armor pickups like in the original DOOM).

Also, a few nitpicks which aren't essential, but maybe something to consider:

  • The main menu music doesn't seem to loop, which should be standard
  • There should be a dedicated settings menu, especially for a FPS game where players like to easily tweak their sensitivity and FOV
  • The slow motion ability, like the first game, seems completely useless because it slows down your aim too (but maybe that's the joke?)

Anyway, I don't know if there will be more sequels considering one of the endings, but I wish the team luck for any future projects!

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This was definitely a surreal experience that I highly recommend, here's my own playthrough for anyone interested:

I like how robust the branching narrative seems to be when you go through it each time; it feels like the game takes into account what your previous choices were in an effective way.

My advice for those who haven't played it yet is to make sure not to use the skip button on subsequent runs like your typical visual novel with multiple endings. It was mostly my fault, but I ended up missing a few interesting details because the game tends to skip over even unseen text (probably because of how the dialogue was programmed).

Despite leaving me a little confused by the end though, I found that it achieved the creepy tone it was going for, and I really enjoyed it. If there are any plans to develop more games, I look forward to it!

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This was an interesting game!

The main criticism I have is that the English could use a bit more polishing because of some typos and grammar issues, but I like how it starts off innocent before descending into a nightmarish world and exploring Aisley's mental state.

Anyway, here's a video of my playthrough in case anyone's interested:

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Thanks for translating the game! Always cool to try out these lesser known RPGmaker games that were never properly exposed to English-speaking audiences.

If anyone's interested, here's episode 1 of my playthrough:

By the way, I've noticed that I had a tighter time limit on the last puzzle during the Ending 1 route, a minute as opposed to 90 seconds. I don't know if it was just me, but I definitely died many times on the last part!
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Hello! I created a thread previously for my video submission of Nemlei's Candy Scabs, but here it is again, to make it official:

The full twitch VOD too, if it's necessary:


Oh, thank you for letting me know! And yeah, I do admit having a bit of a bias considering I also played a few of your other games, haha.

Hello! This is my submission for the Streamer category, and so here's one of my videos below. I played a handful games from the Spooktober visual novel jam and there were a few that I liked, but Candy Scabs by Nemlei was probably my favourite. Here's the Twitch VOD as well, in case it's needed:

I'm not familiar with the rules, so I'm not sure if I'm supposed to make a new topic for the submission, so please let me know if I'm doing this right. Thanks!

Hello! I like to stream/record playthroughs and I noticed that it's being encouraged to post a video about this game jam. My question is what sort of content is appropriate? For example, is it more of a general overview about the Spooktober visual novel jam, or can it just be a Let's Play on one of the submissions? Also, would I simply create a new thread here and post the video?

Thank you for your time!

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The game was fun and I enjoyed the subtle hints at the true nature of "The Elevator" as I played. However, it was also a bit tedious when it came to getting all the endings, so here's my personal guide for anyone who was struggling to get them like me:

  • Ending 1: Pester the Elevator Girl with annoying questions at every opportunity.
  • Ending 2: Accept the job offer when prompted.
  • Ending 3: Keep playing the slot machine many times until she suggests you to stop.
  • Ending 4: Press "444" on the panel right in the beginning.
  • Ending 5: Give answers that mainly involve eating, especially not giving up your tongue.
  • Ending 6: Accept the offer to trade places.
  • Ending 7: Somehow the HARDEST one to get with the most ambiguous conditions, but my theory is that you have to barely avoid all the previous endings and yet still get enough "sin points" to trigger this ending (e.g. pester the Elevator Girl 2 times in the beginning, but not enough to trigger the first ending, etc). Personally, the sole variable that tripped me up was pulling the slot machine's lever just enough times (around 7?) before moving on to the other floors.
  • Ending 8: Don't trigger any of the other endings by doing the opposite of the previously mentioned instructions and you'll get this one pretty easily.

Oh, and here's my playthrough with all the endings if you're lazy and don't mind listening to some jackass talking over the gameplay!

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In case anyone is scrolling through the comments here and hasn't played this game already, let me just say that I quite recommend it. Here's a taste of the beginning through my Let's Play:

While I personally thought it was just another furry game at first glance (which I guess is a good or bad thing depending on your tastes), it actually is much more than that, and it really appeals to anyone who's into off-beat RPG games and even anime. There's also a lot to like if you're the type of person that likes to explore and do optional content.

In the end, I found myself quite invested in the characters and the world, despite how it doesn't take itself too seriously at first. So yeah, go check out Demonpact: Clarice if you haven't yet!

I'm glad you like the playthrough!

It's funny to me that you went ahead and found the full stream VODs though, I just don't expect anybody to watch them on Twitch. I don't really hide it, but from my experience, viewers tend to watch video content on Youtube instead and that's why it's all transferred over there.

Also, if you don't mind me asking, do you have any other social media platforms to follow? It seems like here is the only way to see your stuff, but I'm just curious to see anything else you might have made (i.e. art and whatnot).

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I don't know if it means much from some random stranger on the internet, but let me just say that this visual novel is probably one of the best ones on this entire website. If it's alright, I also made a Let's Play on this game, and here's Episode 1:

It's hard to say why I ended liking this game as much as I did, but if I had to guess, I think the writing style is simply a lot more natural and straightforward than even full-priced visual novels I've played in the past, and therefore enjoyable to read. Of course, the art is solid too and the sense of humour is right up my alley.

Normally, I'd have constructive criticism or something, though I swear Nemlei seems to be a veteran visual novel developer in disguise because it's difficult to place my finger on what needs improvement beyond a few minor typos in the script. I guess the only thing is, maybe, it'd would've been interesting to explore the "bad end" route a little further, but I think I'm just morbid.

Anyway, needless to say, thank you for developing Better Half as well as the previous title, Divilethion, and I wish you the best for any possible future projects!

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Heya! Just wanted to let you guys know that I really liked this game, it has a very interesting twist of genres I've never seen before. I'm completely horrible at the actual danmaku sections, but I can appreciate the creativity put into the mechanics. The gameplay, art, and story are well done.

If you don't mind, I also recorded my playthrough here:

The only pieces of feedback I have is:

  • The text and menus occasionally glitch out as mentioned in the FAQ, even in the desktop version with my gaming PC, so definitely look into different engines for potential future projects.
  • More mechanics involving the use of the evidence we collect would be cool (e.g. using truth bullets on statements in Danganronpa). It might be hard implement it during bullet hell, but as a suggestion, you could limit how many times it'll happen and make the danmaku a little easier when the mechanic is necessary.
  • A slightly more conclusive epilogue would be nice, I feel it ends a little bit too abruptly at the end. Even just a little victory screen would be sufficient (e.g. like how there's confetti at the end of a Phoenix Wright case).

Anyways, I might be biased because I love Phoenix Wright/Danganronpa, but I still highly rate this project because of how unique the premise is. I wish you all the best of luck for any future plans!

For any cool people waiting for this cool game: look carefully at the Greatboard's profile and try typing in the code word on your keyboard on the select screen for a little surprise.

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Hiya! The game is really cute, but there's a few bugs I want to report, if it helps. I unfortunately couldn't complete the game because it freezes when you try to talk to this plant person(?):

I can avoid this NPC, but my recipe book wouldn't come up after a few deliveries, so I can't tell who's missing and I'm not sure who else to talk to.

And I don't know if it's relevant but there's another glitch where the main character slides along the ground when delivering food sometimes, but it's not game-breaking and just looks kind of silly:

I also want to mention that I forced windowed mode with "ALT+ENTER" and manually resized the game for recording purposes because there weren't any innate resolution options, in case maybe that affects anything.

Anyways, aside from the technical issues, it's a nice-looking casual game. I hope the issues are fixed, and I wish you luck on your future projects!

Hello! I recorded a playthrough on this game recently (if it's okay with you, it'll be on Youtube). It's a quirky little RPG with good art and funny dialogue. I don't know if there will be further updates for this game, but I'd like to try and give some useful feedback:

  • Overall, I feel like there are a tad too many random encounters, it never feels like you can take a breather like you would in a typical RPG when you rest in a safe area. I also felt discouraged from doing all the interesting side-quests since I was bogged down by all the random battles in the end, especially because there was no option to run away from the fights (as far as I know).
  • I got a little lost in the beginning after the first boss fight and accidentally fought "Gamigin" before I was supposed to, there was even dialogue referring to another demon that didn't exist yet. Looking back, I technically was briefly told where to go, but some reminders like signposts or even just a map would be nice.
  • The volume levels were strangely inconsistent at times. The most egregious example I could remember was when you talked to the football player, Leo, and the music got very quiet but then went back to being really loud after you left the area. I think normalizing the audio files would be better on the ears.
  • Finally, a very specific nitpick that really only affected me was that the game's resolution wasn't standard, so it created little black bars on the top and bottom when I recorded it. Not a big deal, but most people's computer screens are in 16:9, so something to consider if players want to launch it in fullscreen for example.

Anyways, those are a few of my thoughts I had during my playthrough. Hopefully, whether for Dead Function or any other projects, it's of some use!

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Hey, DrawnSimplistic, I wanted to let you know that I found this game randomly on my own and I recorded a playthrough (I assume it ends when the "Chapter 1" title card shows up?) and, if you're okay with it, I'll eventually upload it to my YouTube channel. However, I'd like to give you some of my thoughts here as feedback.

What I like about the game:

  • The hand-drawn art looks good and stylish, particularly during battles, I like how there are variations to the characters' poses.
  • Interesting subversion of the good vs. evil trope from the perspective of the traditional villain's role.
  • The QTEs are a nice addition to the RPG battle system, so it isn't simply button-mashing all the time.
  • Vivi's design is grade A prime waifu material, if you don't mind me saying.

What I think might need improvement:

  • Font is a little hard to read in text boxes, it looks fine as the title, but the letters are too pixely and thick so they tend to blend in together in longer sentences. A cleaner font would be nice.
  • The beginning is a little slow and aimless in terms of story, I felt like I was just doing menial chores and killing time for most of it (other than the one interesting battle on the lower floor). Maybe add some sense of urgency, tension, and/or foreshadowing in the background in order to build up to the climactic turning point when the "heroes" are introduced.
  • Speaking of which, more context about the game's universe would be nice. I would avoid full-on exposition (because that's bland), but rather I'd like more subtle hints and clues about what's going in the rest of the world, especially early on, to give players an idea of why we  should care about the characters in the first place (for example, what even are demons and how are they different from any other story about demons? How does the rest of the world perceive them? What reasons do humans have to attack the demon lord? Why does everyone treat their work like boring office jobs?).

What I think could be added, but not super necessary:

  • The tileset on the overworld is generally a little dull compared to the character art, particularly during Liv's section, there could be something more to liven up the world like maybe adding a few frames of slight animation on some objects?
  • More tactile feedback from the QTEs techniques to make it feel more fun. If possible, play the sounds and animations of the attack immediately when you press the buttons rather than after you do it. For example, like Mario RPG's action commands, or Mother 3's rhythm combos.
  • The anger and fear status effects are an interesting concept, but there was no incentive to use them all that much, at least from what I've noticed. Maybe adding more depth could give a reason to use them, for example, being in different emotional states could unlock different moves or something similar.
  • My very subjective super ultimate nitpick: The character sprites on the overworld have heads that are slightly too wide, it looks off when compared to their full body art, because they look like people from Hidamari Sketch. But maybe that's just me.

There you go, those are my thoughts from a complete nobody who has no idea how to develop games at all (so, of course, take everything I said with a grain of salt). But hey, I felt compelled to write down my thoughts because I think Devil's Riposte has some potential and could hopefully turn into a very interesting little RPG in the future. I assume there's going to be more, because it stopped on quite the cliffhanger. Anyways, thanks for reading!