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If you fall in to the spike pits to the left of the home screen, you are stuck and have to refresh your browser.  Also, when running to the left, your character does not stay centered so everything is sort of a "surprise" and you can't predict what to do without falling into pits...

Very polished.  Loved it!  I especially love having a "save" while battling the last boss. ;)

Awesome game!  I can't wait for more.  Is it possible to get the extra heart in New Snail Town yet?  Is there a map?

Awesome game, the only issue is the P button to get out of the dialog.  I would love to see this game develop into a bigger metroidvania.  Jet pack or other such gadgets?  Well done!

unplayable given the amount of deaths that occur

Dang it.  Can't find number 18!  A map feature would be very helpful.

Could not get past the long jumps to the left and can't get past the spikes to the right.  It has potential, but am I missing something?  There are just a couple of screens you can access.

I don't understand the instructions for the controls.  I was able to open one of the doors, but that's it.  I'm not sure what to do with the instruction of 2 dots/blocks on the left + a mouse click.

Great game, the only critique I have is the speed of the results between levels.  It would be nice to be able to hit space to fast forward to the next level.

F***ing hard.  Loved it about half way.  I now understand "rage quit".

The best part of a fun game like this is dying just sets you back to the start of the screen.  It was super fun to play.

That was super fun.  The jumping was a little "glitchy" at times, but overall a great game.

Loved the demo!  I can't wait for the full release.  This is the first time I think I'll check back and wait for a full release.  Most of the time I lose interest, but this one is fantastic.  Good keyboard controls.  Good mechanics.  Great metroidvania aspects.

Dream Fables community · Created a new topic Virus

This game has a severe Trojan Horse in it.  Do not download it.

I would like 100 more levels of this!  Loved it!

I love this game!  I completed it without the full map.  I would love a hint as to how to access the upper right corner.  I've started a new game and I want to get to Frog City before I get "a little too experienced".  Please give me a hint!

Super fun.  Thx.