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Dang it.  Can't find number 18!  A map feature would be very helpful.

Could not get past the long jumps to the left and can't get past the spikes to the right.  It has potential, but am I missing something?  There are just a couple of screens you can access.

I don't understand the instructions for the controls.  I was able to open one of the doors, but that's it.  I'm not sure what to do with the instruction of 2 dots/blocks on the left + a mouse click.

Great game, the only critique I have is the speed of the results between levels.  It would be nice to be able to hit space to fast forward to the next level.

F***ing hard.  Loved it about half way.  I now understand "rage quit".

The best part of a fun game like this is dying just sets you back to the start of the screen.  It was super fun to play.

That was super fun.  The jumping was a little "glitchy" at times, but overall a great game.

Loved the demo!  I can't wait for the full release.  This is the first time I think I'll check back and wait for a full release.  Most of the time I lose interest, but this one is fantastic.  Good keyboard controls.  Good mechanics.  Great metroidvania aspects.

Dream Fables community · Created a new topic Virus

This game has a severe Trojan Horse in it.  Do not download it.

I would like 100 more levels of this!  Loved it!

I love this game!  I completed it without the full map.  I would love a hint as to how to access the upper right corner.  I've started a new game and I want to get to Frog City before I get "a little too experienced".  Please give me a hint!

Super fun.  Thx.