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Died and lived a little. thank you

I am sporktacus !

I really loved it ! please make a long version ?

Thanks ! I wanted to let you know that iam doing a lets play this  friday with a friend of mine and we are playing a bunch of games , this one included , we play on Twitch under SickhouseTV  ! 

Had troubles making it run earlier but it  works great ! i love this game , thank you !

I liked the style of the game , i hope to see an extended version soon .. i need.. to .. know...

Hey Iam trying to get in touch with the secret society of thecatamites. Anybody has a clue which magic tree i have to hug ?  xx A

I love this style of game ! thank you ! 

Super sweet style and cool gameplay ! thank you !

Hi , 

For our annual The Overkill Festival ( in the Netherlands ) we are looking for someone who would be happy to give a workshop in Pico 8 , maybe make a small game together with a group , show basics share experiences  and create an overall fun experience ! The festival takes a whole weekend ( 22nd till 24th of november 2019) but the workshop would be on saturday ! If you are interested you can contact me via ! 

for more info you can check on

see you soon ! 


Hi ! I would love to show your game at our event The Overkill Festival ( ) in november . I played it at Amaze in berlin and it was cat-tastic ! how can i get in contact with you ?

Wow ! I love your visuals ! crazy stuff ! 

yes :)

HI, just saw you replied , ill try that !

Awsome ! thank you !


Just bought this game but itch wont let me run it , : This title is packaged in a way that is not supported.

any ideas ? 


Hi , Thanks  i did not know about pico-8 ! Crazy other planet to explore :) so instead of playing your game iam now learning how to make games in it :)  

The Game is crazy ! would love to play it with a gamepad...  am i doing something wrong or does that not work yet ?  

Hey ! I love your dark , awesome games ! Really great style !! I'am organizing a small gaming event at the end of this month and i was wondering if you would be interested in showing your games there ?  Its called The Overkill Festival  ( )  Let me know  mail is : greets !


Hi ,

I am currently organizing a small Art & Gaming festival in the Netherlands ( it takes place next month )  and i would love to show your game human face simulator there ! The event is called The Overkill Festival and explores the boundaries between Gaming & Art , your game fits really well ! If you are interested let us know :  ( )

kind regards,


Hi ,

I love your game !  Iam organizing a gaming festival at the end of November ( this year) about digital immortality ( do you want infinite lives ) and i was wondering if we could show your game there ?

You can contact me  at ! 

our website is :

Let me know !


Hey , 

We are organizing an gaming event in november , would love to show this game there ! will it be ready ? let us know,


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Amazing !!!Do you Like Volleyball ? No ? this is your game..