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It appears that this mod causes characters to infinitely travel between locations. Cant complete the travel, recalling them on the road doesn't work either.

Will it work if I already paid 10buck for the game?

I dont know a better way to reach out to the author. Dont know if he will even read it, but thank you. It really sneaked up on me to be honest. It came out of the blue for me as well, its good to remember but you took the extra step. Thank you, well done.

So good, the only downside is that the episodes feel very short. Keep at it man, nice job.

Pretty much unplayable. The saves wont save, sometimes they do and when you want to overrite the save it asks you, the only bad thing about it is taht you cant interact with the "Yes" and "No", the buttons wont be pressed. Sometimes is just happens on the forward arrow making one stuck in a conversation screen.

Well, now I know how it is to be an eldrich horny..

First on all, everything is goin way too fast. Like a Michael Bay movie, but without explosions. The girls are quite unremarcable, honestly, I didnt like any of them. The translation is not the best either, or maybe its just the writing. Finally, I got to a point where something happened on the station, the blond bitch wanted me to join her, but no matter the choice I make the story progresses in the same way. Its a damn black screen where the lost sister is doing something, until she meets the "Hero" and it goes back to the main menu.
Overall, it was not an enjoyable experience, the UI is interesting, but all over the place, some elements have the UI some dont. Overall, im lost and confused by the story direction and the characters.

its an intriguing story. Unfortunately not enough wifus though. Its either the red bitch or the cute doctor. Reading the comments I saw that it goes up to chap 7. Im mildly interested where the story goes after chap 4 and if the red hooker actually has a golden heart, but not enouth, frankly.

Came for the porn, stayed to become a loving father and an interstellar saviour. There was some really dark stuff along the way, but this is a better story than you can see in AAA games these days. Very well done.