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Thanks for playing!

Yes it works, or at least I hope it does :). It's not a huge increase, though, and a single key is very cheap in the algorithm, even with a reroll. Rounding can also sometimes negate the price increase - if the costing algorithm prices an upgrade as for example 3.4, it will be rounded down to 3. 

That upgrade looks very good for a sigil build - I hope you bought it! :)

Thanks for reporting! I think I have found the cause of the slowdown so it will hopefully be fixed in the next patch. Glad to hear that you're enjoying the game - that's an impressive run! 

Ouch, that's unfortunate :(. I might be able to help you out - if you join the discord and send me a DM (@sanny) I'll see what I can do!

Much appreciated! It always feels great to hear from people enjoying the game :).

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No problem, I didn't read it that way and I think a little bit of frustration was warranted in this case ;). Feedback like this help us think about the game and thus makes the game better whether we act on it or not, so we genuinely appreciate it. Happy to hear that you're having fun with the game!

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Yeah that's a nasty combination for sure and I agree that it might be a good idea to disallow some pairings of mutations. Sorry about your run and thanks for the feedback!

I love seeing the discussion and cool ideas in here even if it's not something we're actively working on. Keep it up!

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You don't need to do anything - new versions work with old save files unless otherwise noted and they are stored in the same place. If you want to make a backup anyway the save files are located in %localappdata%/Circadian_Dice

(Oh, and if you use the client to run the game your game is patched with new updates automatically - no manual downloads needed.)

Happy to hear that you're enjoying the game! :)

Yeah, that's ... not how it's supposed to work :). Thanks for reporting - I'll add a fix to the next update!

Thanks for the well thought-out feedback! I can definitely see the appeal of this type of mode and I've been thinking about it a bit during design. The challenge is that a lot of the design of Circadian Dice is built around frequent upgrades/quick scaling and a very limited pool of dice. In order to make a true tower climb mode work one would have to (as you mention) either reduce the player scaling by a lot or redesign the scenarios completely. Either way would more or less amount to designing/balancing a new game on top of the old one :)

I really like this type of mode in deck building games so it would be fun to see something similar in a  dice builder, but it's not in the cards (dice?) for CD right now at least. Your comment made me start thinking about it again, though, so who knows ... :)

The 5-star limit on that scenario is probably a little too harsh for normal mode, that's true. I might tweak it a bit in the next update.

Yeah, sorry about that :/ There seems to be an issue with Second thought that I'm currently investigating. Should hopefully be resolved in the next update! If the log starts with "ERROR in action number 1 of Step Event0 for object obj_chargeButton" I don't need it, but feel free to post it here if it says something else.

Happy to hear that you're enjoying the game despite the crash!

That's an awesome build Romeno - well done! What was your final score?

Thanks! I agree that the music is great, but only the title track (by Erik Sjöstrand) was written specifically for this game. The tracks used for the scenarios are all free-to-use (creative commons) assets by the amazing Alexandr Zhelanov. His soundcloud can be found here:

That's an interesting idea! I'll keep it in mind if we make changes to the system in the future.

Thanks for the feedback! Sorry about your 5-star run :(

I agree completely - locked dice should not be rerolled, and vice versa. I actually think this is a UI issue - I'm guessing that you were using Sculpt Fate as this happened? For that ability, it made sense to me that the buttons used to lock the dice showed a closed padlock while the dice were unlocked (since you use the button to lock the die), but I totally get that it can be interpreted as "this die is now locked". It's probably even the most logical interpretation. 

I'll definitely think about how to make this more clear in future versions. Thanks again!

Thanks for the suggestion! This has been a tricky aspect of the design for sure. As it is now, the game weights the random ability selection pretty heavily towards your current class's "native" abilities. The shop algorithm is also weighted so that symbols that your class is associated with (shields for the cleric, for example) are more likely to appear.

Making abilities and shop faces line up perfectly with your class's needs would certainly make builds stronger, but also less varied, and you wouldn't get the chance to discover new cross-class ability combos as you play. I also like the small challenges that occur due to variance, such as "I just got Fireball from a lore chest - how can I modify my Cleric build so that I can actually use it?".

Even if "no cross-class abilities/symbols" was just an option, it would still be strategically correct to always have it turned on, and I'm wary of providing an alternative that is strictly better but (in my opinion) less fun for many players. I will keep thinking about this, though, and there may be tweaks in future updates.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Thanks for the report! Are you using version 2.0.4?

Good catch, thanks!

I just added tooltips for locked dice to the next patch, which will go live soon. Thanks again for the suggestion!

I just added this to the next patch, which will go live soon. Thanks again for the suggestion!

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No, it's not, but it probably should be. Thanks for pointing it out! I think it's a bit too clunky to write out in the descriptions of skills that lock dice, but maybe it could be in the tooltip for the lock button and for die faces that are locked.

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I've been able to replicate the error due to this report and should hopefully have a fix ready for the next patch - thanks! It does indeed seem to be related to the interaction between Witch's Knife and Mummies.


Fantastic, thanks!

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Thanks for reporting! Sorry about the crashes :(

Is it specifically in Ancient Tomb or in every scenario? Does it happen with a specific class, relic or captured enemy? I haven't seen this reported before so the more information I can get, the better!

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Thanks for reporting, I'll take a look! Do you remember how you took the damage?

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Thanks for playing! 

Later in the game you unlock Chaos Realm, where you face waves of random enemies until you die, and Campaign Mode, where you play through the scenarios in order and have to make do with the relics you find along the way. In the latter mode, you need to start from the beginning when you die. I don't think either mode is exactly what you're looking for, but they are more roguelike-ish experiences. I particularly enjoy Campaign Mode, myself!

Yeeeah that's not going to happen :)

That's a good idea! I'll consider it for the next patch. Thanks for playing!

That is a great suggestion! I have to admit that it's something that I have very little knowledge of so I'll have to do some research to find out if it's possible/feasible to add to the game. Can't promise anything before I know more, but thanks for bringing it up!   

Thanks! Several people have been asking for a Linux build so it's definitely something I want to do at some point.  

Thank you!

Thanks for checking out the game and for the kind words! 

It would be great to have the game on Linux (and Mac), but the game is a hobby project that I work on in my spare time, so right now I really only have time to maintain the Windows version. Sorry!

That is a surprisingly useful skill (at least from my point of view) :). I'm super grateful for the bug reports! 

I actually haven't been able to reproduce the curse bug (though I have no doubt it happened) but I'm putting in some safeguards that should hopefully prevent both types of undeath from happening from the next patch on.

If the slowdown occurs specifically while the dice are in motion that could very well be the case. In any case, I'm working on some performance improvements (including a vsync toggle) for the next patch!

That's ... not what that button is supposed to do :). I'll investigate.

Thanks for taking the time to test! I'll see if I can figure something out for the next patch.

Happy to hear that you're enjoying the game! Thanks for letting me know about the slowdown. The cause is most likely that the gamemaker runner renders the game differently when window resizing is allowed (which I enabled in this build). Could you test running the game in fullscreen and see if the same slowdown occurs?

I'll take a look and see if there is anything I can do!