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You are allowed to comment haha oh my goodness. I guess you just have to know the good games 

Damn I'm sorry that happened. You truly missed out. I'm pretty your computer is just too slow. I would say if you're not sure, next time don't comment. The game worked. Congratulations, you played yourself. 



This game was okay

Tamehalliday, this was one of the best projects I've ever seen. I can't imagine all the hours and work you put into this. I know it's not easy to make something like this. I tried to understand all the details myself, but this is too brilliantly produced. I truly love so many qualities about it. I love how the asteroid went directly inside the moon when you shot at it, that must've been hard to accomplish. I love how aesthetically pleasing the colours and graphics are. Honestly, you thought of everything! I especially love the 3d sinusoidal effects!! They're so beautiful. It's computer design and artwork mixed together. I also love the theme interpretation, "Go beyond love in the sky", I thought that was brilliantly said! My goodness you can design and write. I just think you're unappreciated. I love how the game loops when you finish it, I spent that time at the end, being amazed. Honestly, I hope you win. If you don't, I can only hope that small minded people can one day appreciate all the hard work you did. I feel like I just landed amongst the stars, I found this treasure. Whenever I think of graphic design I will forever think of this. Honestly, this project is great and you are a graphic artist. Please make more like these. You deserve so much more than good comments. You inspired me so much, my god I'm in love. 

I wasn't quite sure to make of your comment. I played the game, and there is no next level. I thought it was brilliantly done that it didn't even need a next level. The graphics are great!! I definitely thought the 3d sinusoidal effect was such a beautiful addition!! Maybe it does make the background look flat, but I would try to focus on the great work that was done. I believe this was one of the best projects, and I truly hope it gets appreciated. I would say definitely come take another look, more positively, because sometimes you need people to put things in perspective for you. Definitely one of the greatest projects I've ever seen. Keep up the beautiful work Tamehalliday. And don't worry... some people can recognize greatness. Don't get bummed out by those who don't. 

Dude hit the spacebar