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Can anyone tell me how long/ how many endings this has before i buy it

They're if you turned the wolf over to the guards

literally finished his route 12 hours ago fuck

So i let that happen by mistake and softlocked myself since kuno never respawned for his escort

"also do you mean I should publish more of the gallerie on my twitter or... Here?" Here,

uh how do i open the gallery post game

yeahh minus events
sex is purely a game over loss

Afterclass is still active and working again after most of a year of issues on the devs' parts which they mention on their discord and repeat is down rn due to the ONLY dev dealing with severe depression and even his therapist had him continue his pause cause repeat is reasonably dark enough to warrant a hiatus for mental health 

nice! got it, also can  i ask what's the max available corruption and does it apply to any events?

I cant find the "fruit" event for the gallery

dead loop and first patch

thank god you're still updating us on everything

not what i meant, i meant they might do just the above instead of in their free version

sadly i think thats where their patreon guides come into play

it is. it used to be open until some people got rowdy

Correct the build order! 4.5.8 is the name of the one released yesterday when we're at 4.6 for itch desktop
we can't update it!

Is there a chance you'd add a way to speed up the game for returning early players like us, i literally grinded out 2 runs last patch corrupted and no corruption in hopes of this one

to summarize it 'said they were too depressed to work on a depressing project'

they call him socketface pretty often during flynn's route, outside of that i cant say from spoils

Most can be found randomly on youtube but is there a certain song you want?
Also the game files have it pretty safely to find

same as sam i used the mobile version and i also used the desktop

How to carry over saves:

The folder changed, but the save games should still work. What you need to do is copy the files from C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Kincaid_Prototype to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Kincaid_2_3

do saves ever carry, public to public
or patreon to patreon

There's only that ending for him


To anyone reading the comments, the project is canceled, please turn to the updates and read the above update post!

sis' route reached part 2

The plot wouldnt be good if that happened

Can we please get an itch download, i dont want this on my steam
also! is the english good in the final version

Definitely! Anyways i agree with you but i was mainly stating it for the people before me who wanted sex with everyone

also i lost all my progress a month prior to that, so i just never had the drive to continue without the above questions^

Haven't played this in a long time(7 months) cause of life, but can i ask how far the public versions have progressed and how big the difference is between public and current patreon?

Reminder. i can't speak for the creator buut 18+ doesn't designate if the MC will have sex or not... People can just be friends and the plot can move without us fucking, 18+ just means the VN will be mature with its topics sex or not for what its mature about.

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Burnt 2
1st took me to vers, 2nd took me to bottom


Anyone have tips for how to swap Bottom and Top semi easily 

Can confirm what red said!

Checkpoints are a requirement even if there's little content its important not to make the player lose interest with that first area from the Text intro all the way to the fast moving 3 enemies

gotta agree as much as i liked Exca its pretty uh..... straight forward, its great but its MORE on the sex side sadly and plot of the main characters vs a world building plot and story
so if you wanted something other than just that one character group then its not gonna happen even maria doesn't get the full supportive female role