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Had lots of fun! Great idea

Enjoyed the little bit I played. I got lost trying to figure out where the key goes and couldn't advance. I really wanted to get to a fight! Maybe next time :

Yay! Lots of fun

Tried a couple rounds got a score of 4166. Had fun :)!

Fantastic job! Really enjoyed playing it. I want more right meow! :)

Awesome job team! Music was good, story was fun.

Fun concept! Really enjoyed it, going to come back and beat all those levels!

Awesome game! Tons of fun! 

Found this game and really enjoyed it! Great job!

Had fun with this one! Thanks for making and sharing


Had a fun time with this! Great job and hilarious writing!

Awesome! Had lots of fun with it! :)

Home Run!! 

Great game, had a lot of fun!

Awesome game! Had such a fun time playing. Great work!

Great fun little game! We had fun playing through the levels. The music choices and changes were a nice fun surprise.

Hope you are still making games and improving and polishing your work! 

Hey KANAMedia! Thanks for playing my game. I love the suggestions :)

1. Zombie Run. There are hordes of zombies headed your way! Wizard, quick! Use your potions and turn them back into humans!


3. Shoebox Games(just myself), (insta:shoebox_games)

4. Suitable for ages 6+

5. Eastern Standard Time (EST)

6. Any feedback is always nice, but most of all, enjoy playing :)!

Enjoyed your game! Love the play loop and the art and music are great choices.

Had fun with it! Get those horizontal swipes in on those bats!

Had fun with it! Best time was 1:17.

Adorable game! So much fun

Awesome and fun little game! Really enjoyed the art and audio. Would love to see your character animated.

I think someone else mentioned this already, but managed to get my little yellow cart stuck when I over shot how far to push it haha.

Great level designs by the way. Love how you implemented little tougher challenges in each stage.

Great job :)

Enjoyed the game! Great job :)


Enjoyed your game very much. I love the suggestion in your own post about a character running around and maybe slowing the day a bit with that. I think some little details in the UI to help with the cost of things, selling prices and products.

Loved the concept overall though! Tending garden's is super relaxing and enjoyed your game :)

Glad you took the time to try my game! :)

I like the idea of an extra sound effect for when they turn back human. Appreciate the input :)

Appreciate you taking the time to play my game and glad you had fun :)

Tried out your game and thought it was really cute! The dialogue, story and music were great. 

I loved how the ghost moved as a character without items and thought it was cool the ghost lost those powers when they picked up an item. I noticed the ghost wouldn't jump though and I couldn't get that 2nd green arm to open that jar!

Super cute though and enjoyed it :)

Hey really fun game!

The design so far from what I saw was great. I'm terrible at your game apparently and could only get to the 2nd boss on 1/10 tries ha. I love randomness of the levels, you have a good depth of enemies from what I saw and every little section was challenging.

I'd say add a level selector, but that's only because I sucked at your game and wanted to see more hah. I'll give it another shot soon!

Great job :)

Had a fun time playing the game!

Definitely wasn't sure if I was going to make the other characters "sick" when I was green trying to deliver those colored shirts. Fun concept though and enjoyed a few playthroughs :)

Fun little game! High score 2468 for me!

Fun game!

Cute little concept, loved how the boss seemed to come at random intervals. Made it a little more difficult to time putting that computer away! 

Enjoyed playing it, and definitely kept going until I made it to 5pm!

Fun game. Feel like that desk got my approval a few hundred times! Ha

Cute game! Love the artwork

Lovely game!

Loved this game! You did a wonderful job creating a soothing atmosphere for your game, the music and dialogue and the whole experience really go well together. Great little message in your game :)

Zombie Turn

The world is turning! Waves of zombies are heading towards you. You, a wizard, have been capable of evading them by throwing potions capable of turning zombies back into humans!

Hey everyone! Hope everyone enjoys my game made for the game jam! Looking forward to trying out a lot of the other entries :). I learned a lot through this process and would love any feedback, but most of all, enjoy the game :)!

Thank you!

Super fun game! Really enjoyed it :)

Awesome! Glad you enjoyed the game :)