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iv just downloaded it but it might be some time before I'm able to play it

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long time since anyone has responded to this post butffor me it's hard to really say. I guess it's between these games (no order)

  • Illbleed
  • Zettai zetsumei toshi series
  • Crono triger
  • Psychonauts
  • Silent hill 2
  • Shadow of colossus
  • Mother 2&3
  • Haunted grounds

But somesome game I seem to play over and over again aren't exactly my favorite but there fun and I keep coming back to it

  • Berserk
  • Lady bug
  • Communist mutants from space
  • Pacman

it's pretty fun overall but only if your into abstract games. The game Reminds me of something out of h.p lovecraft. Still can't find the exittto beat the game