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You'll have to redownload the new version after each update. If on Android, just download the new file and run it. Your save files will be retained. For PC and MAC, delete your old game file and download the new one. Save files are stored separately so they will be retained as well. 

There is an official discord, but it's only for Patreon supporters ;w;/

I aim to please >:3c

This is extremely accurate 

Sorry for the confusion! The update is now available on all platforms. This is what I get for updating stuff at 5AM ;w;

Aaah thank you for the support! ;w;/

Homeboy's gay freakout is so powerful that it broke the VN's coding

Hello! Sorry for the delay, but I got sick and was bedridden for a week, so I need some time to catch up on some work before the update is ready for release. Sorry for the inconvenience! ;w;/

There is at least 2 gay 

Hamish won't be a romance option since he's already dating Marrow. He'll still be in some lewd scenes tho! :3

Thank you! I've been worried that I might be getting some D&D details wrong, but I'm glad folks are enjoying them so far! ;w;

Also, of course. Visual Novels are for emotional masochists uwu

Aaaaw thank you! Ngl being told “came for the porn but stayed for the plot” is like the getting a gold trophy for furry VN writers haha ❤️

every time I get a comment like this I’m gonna extend Repeat’s hiatus by a month >:U

Aaah I always get a little giddy when I see folks' story theories~! I'm glad the VN has struck your interest, it's nice to folks slowly growing attached to the characters as more updates roll out. Thanks for writing out your thoughts, I look forward to seeing your more concise review in the future! <3

PS: Stress is eternal ;;w;;

Artemi's sole purpose is to smite the sinners :3

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Because I have been working on Repeat nonstop for the past five years and have been burning out by working on a single project to the point where I was hating everything I was doing? Temptation’s Ballad has been a creative breath of fresh air for me and really helped pull me out of a depressive rut. I’m not a machine that can endlessly pump out updates with no consequence, give me a break.

That’s the spirit! >;3

The story is fairly linear, but there will be some minor dialogue choices and scene selections in Chapter 2 and onwards.

The new 0.1.2 update is now live

Thank you so much! I'm glad people are enjoying my new project! ;w;/

Thank you so much for the support! ;w;/

Thank you! I'm glad y'all are enjoying it! ;w;/

This has been added in the newest update!

The way I work is that I outline a huge chunk of a single character's arc, and I try to stick to it for a while. It helps me keep story beats organized and flowing smoothly. The last time I flip flopped between character routes, I ended up having to rewrite and retcon the entirety of Owen's route because of massive plot holes and character issues. The current Owen story is actually the second iteration of his story route. I'd like to avoid this situation as much as possible in future updates, so apologies for the people who aren't interested in Sissel's route! Sticking to one route just helps me write better qwq

That being said, I'll be switching back to working on Owen's route in approximately 2 updates from now, so there's something to look forward to!

All of the sex scenes are optional and are obviously telegraphed in your dialogue options. Like "Jump in the shower with him" is obviously gonna lead somewhere naughty, so they're easily avoidable. However, I still recommend against downloading this on a school computer :P