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Thank you! I'm glad y'all are enjoying it! ;w;/

This has been added in the newest update!

The way I work is that I outline a huge chunk of a single character's arc, and I try to stick to it for a while. It helps me keep story beats organized and flowing smoothly. The last time I flip flopped between character routes, I ended up having to rewrite and retcon the entirety of Owen's route because of massive plot holes and character issues. The current Owen story is actually the second iteration of his story route. I'd like to avoid this situation as much as possible in future updates, so apologies for the people who aren't interested in Sissel's route! Sticking to one route just helps me write better qwq

That being said, I'll be switching back to working on Owen's route in approximately 2 updates from now, so there's something to look forward to!

All of the sex scenes are optional and are obviously telegraphed in your dialogue options. Like "Jump in the shower with him" is obviously gonna lead somewhere naughty, so they're easily avoidable. However, I still recommend against downloading this on a school computer :P