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We could "of" done so much more with a  Graphical artist ! Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed ! Thanks for reviews !

Heh ! XD

Thanks for playing ! Glad you.. "git gud"... how do I say ? Thanks for feedbacks !

Hi! Glad you tried the game ! Hope you enjoyed despite of some bugs..." Ain't no man is codeproof...." "Wiz all go out of control" 

We could of done dunring grace period.

Thanks for playing ! Glad you enjoyed the difficulty as a challenge ! If i may give you a gameprotips : knowing the music all by heart is much more simple that learning to type without looking ! Thanks for feedbacks !

Btw thanks for playing and for feedbacks ! :)

Let's explore GD ! You have 3 lives "OUT" "OF" "CONTROL" when you loose the last heart (it mean when you were out  of tempo, or typo) you start "loose control mode"  when your score start to drop bit after bit until you get life back by gettin a point (getting control back) (or just get to the end of the track freely loosing score also works )  ! 

We tried to keep it didactic after all : learning to type without getting out of controls! Thanks for playing and for feedbacks !

Thanks for playing, and thanks giving us feedbacks ! "Oleum et operam perdere."

Well, Glad you tried it ! Glad you failed it ! Glad you tried it again ! Thanks for sharing !  Sorry, we got a bit out of control, the game was a bit harder than expected ! ;)

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If you skip a note, you're out of control, aswell if you multi input, or press any wrong key.  The idea to skip the current character if it's 

out of rhythm could have probably better for gamefeel though... Thanks for sharing and thanks for playing !

Are you telling us that the second word didn't shine enough to be brightly seen ? Glad you enjoyed the concept ! Glad you played the game ! Glad that you fed us back !

Thanks for playing, glad that you enjoyed it ! 

Thanks for giving us that genkidama ! Thanks for playing, and  thanks for feeding us back !  

We tried to keep it minimalistic since we didn't had too much time, gamefeel centered design was the idea, with a hint of a didactic experience since you improve your typing ! Thanks for playing !

Thankazf fozr b plazyuibng !

Thanks for playing ! Did you enjoyed sound too ?

We were inspired in GD by quite a bunch of rhythm games, Guitar Hero might be one of them.... Glad you share your feedback and that you enjoyed the game !

Thanks for feedbacks, we glad you enjoyed the graphics, despite of the lack of artist ! Glad you enjoyed playing this one !

YES! Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed ! Git gut. Beat the tracks !

So you didn't felt "loosing control" while playing ? This sensation we tried to make in the gamefeel... Loosing control of tyour keyboard, loosing control of the rythme, or both. Glad you tried it anyway, and glad you enjoyed ! Thanks for the feedbacks! 

I got milk ! :)

Gravity Effects are cool !

Amazing art and colorful universe, nice LD and gamefeel especially the airjump! Keep it up!