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Can you explain a little more about "you save a game disk"? It seems like WriteSaveData is more akin to JS cookies, that is, not terribly useful for saving multiple distinct savestates (unless you put slot number as a prefix for your keys).

I already got an account (and angst because I can't afford Make), the problem is in people on forum who would be reluctant to try out my creations.

Also, we need a lot of system templates. I would be willing to work on ZX Spectrum template if it would be included among the others.

PV8 kicks the tail of many other fantasy consoles, who are mostly Pico-8 clones. (I have soft spot only for LowRes NX and Chroma-60), and it needs a lot of content to stay this way. A lot of platform templates is in my powers to make.

A few requests more:

1. Save slots (Imagine PlayStation memory cards) to make it the game engine of choice.

2. Somehow SaveDemo didn't work and always showed the same date.

3. Maybe built-in line drawing.

My requests:

1. The documentation needs to include detailed help on the json files for us free users, especially on what color-map does and how does music.json work. Oh, and on DrawModes.

2. I'd like some features of Chip-8, like xoring (maybe anding and oring too) sprites on top of each other and 16 key keyboard support (for future mobile builds, check out Android app ChipChip).

3. Attribute clash would also be nice. This is what any other retro game engine wouldn't want to provide.

4. I don't know if PV8 already has it, but ZX Spectrum has a good simple beeper.

5. One of the reasons why PV8 is not widesperad further is because downloading it requires registering for the Club, which might deter many people.

Nobody announces their PV8 games. It's like I'm the only one. The community is surely lacking.

Anything I'll think about later would be in a different comment.

And most of all, thank you for being so passionate about retro platforms.

You don't say. The author really tries to have authentic experience, and not some cheap "outrun-aesthetic" fakes.

Brick Hour

I like fantasy consoles. (Actually, I love real platforms more, but fantasy consoles are a necessary step before I can write for real consoles). Pico-8 has many games and hype, the same for TIC-80 and LIKO-12. Unfortunately, PixelVision 8 does not have the same level of attention. I don't know of any third-party games for it.

Well, now there is one. It's inspired by brickgames, the game where you move from lane to lane while avoiding cars. It was made in a day and 1-2 hours. It also made me yearn for something more comfortable than Lua.

It requires PV8 runner, to download which you should have an account on the official site.

Thisis my first time releasing something for a wide audience.