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Got it, I'm not sure if said min sprite resolution is different depending on the system, maybe you could do something check for a "memory overload".

If I try DenseRLOF on a low resolution Sprite sheet, it will not progress and the complete percentage will stay at zero, and crash the software. I purposely crashed it with task manager open and the memory of the software skyrocketed to 4,000 MB. I had to close it out in task manager before it got too full. SimpleFlow works fine though and the program is crazy useful.

Don't load the image from a zip file, extract it first

Snap, snap, POP, Crack!

Thankyou Z_Pacifist



Agree, In the Level with 4 "FIRE", Took me a couple retry, I might try to it more predictable  by having it home into stuff in close range, so you would have to save your food or grab the fire - maybe make it singe your hand if you hold it for too long. Thanks for commenting! 

Thanks a ton for commenting, It really means a lot. If I would Improve appon my game, I would have: "Find Food => Cut Food*2 => Assemble Food => Cook Food +> Wash Plate => Put it On Clean Plate"


I made this game by myself, All Sprites for the Game Was made in Piskel, and The audio Was 99Sounds Hand Claps and Snaps. Thanks for Playing it if you do, This was a ton of fun to make!

I have deafeted some of your cones, I took back the one you deafted from behind the statue up in the window. :D

Love Your Art Style, the game was awesome! The sounds fit the world very well.

I stacted so many Scripts on top of each other. Your game is very cool!