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Just Updated the Current Highscore in the Description! Thankyou for playing and commenting!

Thankyou so much for playing and commenting! The effect that I used was a XBRz Pixel Filtering effect, so if you are interested there you go :)

Yup, decided to leave that in! Thankyou for playing and commenting!

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Great Puzzle design, Nice Aesthetics, Totally got me at :: "dont TOUCH THE RED CUBE".

Calming and soothing music as well

The game was fun but the movement feels really wonky and the aiming doesn't always aim where your mouse is. Alot of the map can be cheezed by getting to a high point and launching yourself to the goal in 2-3 swings. Most enemies can be ignored. It was defiantly fun to find these cheeses though, and the speed running potential is very high. Good job

Great Graphics, Original Concept, Great Presentation. The puzzles were hard but very satisfactory. Many VVVVV vibes though. (Spolier) When I worked out that Orange room goes under Green so you could boost it was a Eureka moment. Super cool mate!

Thought the idea of playing as a free assest was really funny, good game!

Thankyou for the absolutely magnificence feedback!

The Lack of Action Part was suppose to work and make the ball fly into your paddle when the 2 ball spinning ring happened, but for some reason the build version never worked and I had to submit it as is.  I fixed it right after the jam and it now works as intended.

Yeah, you can cheese it and I decided to leave it in. I kept working on the game and I made it alot harder in general and I am in the process of smushing out any possiblitiy of moving the paddle in between a link.

Thankyou again for the fantastic comment and playing my game!

Yep, fixed that bug right after the Jam ended,  Thankyou for the feedback!

The Game was fun and the 3d Models looked super cool, the graphics as well. The Camera needs to be zoomed out and stay focused more on the human so I can see where they are going I think. But Other than that awesome game! Fantastic Presentation

That was super fun, I was so excited when I found out you could grab the ball mid-air and toss it again in the second level - then I learned it was nessary for the later levels. Looks Great, and the controls are responsive. Some Indicating on when you are able up to pick up the ball and some sound effects for doing so would be a good touch. Overall fun and great game! 

Thankyou for the incredibly detailed reply! The XBRz Pixel Filtering looked outstanding with the 3 color graphics and am very happy with how it turned out! Yup, I decided to leave that "bug" in and with it got a score of 4013. I don't know if I will try to prevent that from happening or not - or maybe make it harder to do. Again, thankyou for the reply!

The game is Fun and the Presentation is really fabulous. I love the screen CRT and the lens effect. Music is engaging and sound effects are "Crunchy"!

Thanks for Playing my game and leaving feedback, it means a ton! If you are interested on the Shader/SmoothPixelArt Effect, look up "XBRz". Making the game satisfying was a goal and it awesome to see that I achieved it.

Thanks for Playing and leaving feedback, it means a lot!

Balls get chained together like orbiting planets, which may be producing the curving effect: 100% intentional. Thanks for playing the game and commenting!

What screen Resolution are you playing on? I cant make changes because the Jam ended, but at least I will know what the problem is in the future.

Thanks for playing the game and giving feedback! Ill expirment with ball speed in Unity. My Brother was able to get 4013 , the closest I got was around 2000.

Thanks to Everyone who played the game!

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I have fixed the problem, now all window sizes are supported allowing you to see the paddle if you couldn't before

Got it, I'm not sure if said min sprite resolution is different depending on the system, maybe you could do something check for a "memory overload".

If I try DenseRLOF on a low resolution Sprite sheet, it will not progress and the complete percentage will stay at zero, and crash the software. I purposely crashed it with task manager open and the memory of the software skyrocketed to 4,000 MB. I had to close it out in task manager before it got too full. SimpleFlow works fine though and the program is crazy useful.

Don't load the image from a zip file, extract it first

Snap, snap, POP, Crack!

Thankyou Z_Pacifist



Agree, In the Level with 4 "FIRE", Took me a couple retry, I might try to it more predictable  by having it home into stuff in close range, so you would have to save your food or grab the fire - maybe make it singe your hand if you hold it for too long. Thanks for commenting! 

Thanks a ton for commenting, It really means a lot. If I would Improve appon my game, I would have: "Find Food => Cut Food*2 => Assemble Food => Cook Food +> Wash Plate => Put it On Clean Plate"


I made this game by myself, All Sprites for the Game Was made in Piskel, and The audio Was 99Sounds Hand Claps and Snaps. Thanks for Playing it if you do, This was a ton of fun to make!

I have deafeted some of your cones, I took back the one you deafted from behind the statue up in the window. :D

Love Your Art Style, the game was awesome! The sounds fit the world very well.

I stacted so many Scripts on top of each other. Your game is very cool!