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Thank you for your reply! That sounds like a great middle-ground to abide by! I will then record Act I and play Act II without recording anything. I don't want to accidentally contribute to piracy of visual novels so I figured asking never hurts! You're also very forthcoming to still allow me to record Act I, which I'm pretty thankful for~

Hello! I have one question: I was thinking of recording my playthrough of this game and wanted to ask, how much would you be comfortable with being recorded? For example, my first thought was to record one route, so that people still have enough incentive to buy the game themself, without there being a rough cutoff point. I would also be fine with less of course!

Thank you for the answer! I wish you all the best in the development!

One question! Is the Pornographic content in some way avoidable? And if no how graphic is it? I would love to play it but me being sex-repulsed worries me. So it would be good to know what I would have to endure.

Looking forward to it~

Glad to hear everything went well!

Btw if you want to reduce the chance of losing files/progress to zero then I can recommend using git together with an account like bitbucket. As long as you save all your progress with git and upload it to bitbucket you will never lose anything again. I use it for my secret project too~

The grafics look really great!!

Loved the art and the concept of the game!  I enjoyed how small things like leaving a note can change your route and how Freya changed over time!

If I had one piece of advice for further games it would be to maybe slow down the pacing a bit. I think this game would've been even better if scenes had taken a bit more time (and more detail) especially when you do your first run (but it might also have felt weird to me since it took Owen's hand first which wasn't a good route to start in my opinion). 

It was a good experience for me too~

If you need my help again feel free to sent an email! 

I just finished Sachiko's route and holy crap that was really good! So impressed with the amount of artwork as well! Like even big releases from otomate have like 10 cg per route and you offer routes with more for free! 

Super looking forward to playing the other routes!

I will work on it the following week~

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Hi! German is my mother tongue and I have never lived outside Germany. I also have much time the next two weeks. When it comes to small grammatic details (comma...) I will probably not be the best person for it but I can help making it sound more natural. My email is <redacted>.