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Hello! I have one question: I was thinking of recording my playthrough of this game and wanted to ask, how much would you be comfortable with being recorded? For example, my first thought was to record one route, so that people still have enough incentive to buy the game themself, without there being a rough cutoff point. I would also be fine with less of course!


Hey! Ooh, that's exciting. The only obstacle I can foresee is: because of the way this VN's story is structured, roughly about 90% of the game is common route plot, with the route-specific scenes being romantic checkpoints scattered throughout. So restricting it to one route would still involve the vast majority of the VN's content, haha. I'm not sure how this might impact future players (I know people have differing opinions on this matter) but I'm sure it'd be okay for you to record Act I? And it's probably best to hold off on Act II, if that's alright. That seems like a good middle-ground! Thank you for asking me ahead of time, that's very considerate of you. ^^

Thank you for your reply! That sounds like a great middle-ground to abide by! I will then record Act I and play Act II without recording anything. I don't want to accidentally contribute to piracy of visual novels so I figured asking never hurts! You're also very forthcoming to still allow me to record Act I, which I'm pretty thankful for~


No worries, glad I could help. Thanks for being understanding! I hope you enjoy the game. :)