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Thank you

Okay, thanks a lot for your time and effort!

Thank you,

but what is a java applet?

Processing 3.0 lets you export your sketches and builds this folders application.windows64 where you can find:

  • Application that runs your sketc
  •  Lib folder with  core.jar, sketch.jar, and other .jar files
  • Source folder with your .pde processing files, and a java file

What is the java applet and what do I have to upload to

Hi, I have created a game with processing 3.0, and wanted to upload it to processing as a java applet so that its playable in the browser!

But I can't seem to get it right, I have tried everything. Processing lets you export your sketch as an application and creates this folder with a .exe, and a lib folder with MyGame.jar, core.jar, and other .jar files that I don't know. And I dont know what I have to upload, or what is the jar class name that I have to fill in. I have seen some other processing made games on that you can play in the browser so I know its posible. But I can't find any clear tutorials on how to do it.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks in advance

Hello, how did you manage to make your processing game playable on the browser (without having to download any .jars, etc)?

I have developped a game within 7 days and I am going to upload it, and release a video on youtube with the making of. So I wanted to release this game on and make it playable on the browser if possible. Its a hectic driving game called Living Walls

The youtube video is taking a lot of hours to make and I think its quite interesting, so you can check it out when it comes out (possibly end of october 2020) on my channel:

Anyway, its quite amazing how you managed to do this in Processing, I know for a fact UI is quite a pain to implement.

Thanks in advance