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Beautiful work!!

let me grab the link for you!

Heres the episodes in order:

Theyre all about an hour each. This game was so good and so amazing to play. We all made ourselves extremely sad about it.

let me grab the link for you!

Heres the episodes in order:

Theyre all about an hour each. This game was so good and so amazing to play. We all made ourselves extremely sad about it.

:0 Oh man I would love to play that extension!!
and here's links directly to the episodes so you dont need to search for them :D

That tweet that's quoted in the game is one of the minor touchstones of the universe we're creating, so when we were looking over games to play and saw yours, we had to play it. Thank you for writing such an incredible game that encouraged us to tell the story we did. 

They're already out! :D

We played this on Hope's Hearth and I cannot stop accidentally calling it "Long Night In The Mech Gay". I called it that once and then that became one of the episode titles and now every time I say the game name I accidentally say that lmao

It's a good game, and if you want to tell a bittersweet story about two people alone with their thoughts, their pasts, and what could have been, HIGHLY recommend this game. 10/10

We played this on Hope's Hearth and the story we told was... so much. Not in a bad way at all, it was so much and so good. We told something bittersweet and beautiful, and the game led is through each part with gentle mechanics and tone.

It's a lovely game, 10/10

We played this on Hope's Hearth at one of our player's request. They were feeling a complicated Something and playing this game actually helped them a lot. 

It's a simple game, but it's very poignant. The name is very accurate.


We played this for the 69th (hehe nice) episode of Hope's Hearth. Dirk and I have played this game in the past and KNEW we had to play it for the podcast to mark that milestone :3cc

The spooky vibes, the sexual tension, the liminality of the entire thing, it's just so good.

Also gay.

Fellas is it gay to kiss your doppelganger

(the answer is yes)

Please play this game yall its so good 10/10

We played this on Hope's Hearth and it was very fun to play these characters planning a heist and then seeing how well it goes. SOMEHOW we pulled it off and I don't even know how we managed it. My character ALSO was surprised we managed it lmao

absolutely recommend, 10/10, please play this game it's so much fun.

We played this on Hope's Hearth and all had fucking EMOTIONS about it. This game really captures how it feels to be a teenager who might be in love with their friends in that really intimate setting of getting ready together and I just

it was so good and so much fun to play. We had to keep forcibly reminding ourselves to stop and explain the rules to the audience as we were playing, because it all flows so well into each part. 


The tragedy of this is that we dont have some of the weirdest shit that happened in our game. The audio got lost!

No one will ever hear Dirk meowing as a weird cat in a memorial garden, or properly hear the scene where The Bone God did a weird thing on the ceiling of a room.


Here I come to tell everyone how good this game is

Firstly, this is my GO TO GAME. I love playing this game. It's easy to learn, the mechanics aren't too complex, and the stories you can make will never be the same twice.

Secondly, we played this on Hope's Hearth and maybe broke the game a lil bit BUT it was so good and helped Danielle and I make the story we wanted to tell.


ilu August

We played this on Hope's Hearth in season 1 and oh man. The characters my fellow players made were so good. They did an oceanic world and it was two gods and one hero and the hero was having Such A Time with one of the gods who kept hitting on them it was very fun.

10/10, good Firebrands hack, highly recommend





10/10, everyone should play this game

We played this game on Hope's Hearth and even if I, Izze, struggled to understand the rules, that didn't make it any less fun for all of us. It's absolutely worth playing.

We played first edition on Hope's Hearth and the way the game shook out developed so much of our universe's lore. We had a Nova who was a clone doing his best, a goat man running from the mandate, an ex pirate caught under the mandate's thumb, and someone who just wanted to stay hidden from the whole system.

It's a fantastic game, and each of us on the podcast have read 2e or played it since playing 1e. Highly recommend this game if you like star wars but want something better than that.

Dirk played this on Hope's Hearth and made a suitably terrifying and tragic story that still haunts me. Highly recommend this game

We love Firebrands hacks on Hope's Hearth, but nothing compares to the OG game. Absolutely fantastic, no notes, 10/10


We played this on Hope's Hearth with the author (hello August I love you) and made a very good and gay story on a space station. Sometimes the ocean is space!

10/10, please play my friend's game

We played "Be Not Afraid" for Hope's Hearth, and the amount of GAY that happened is

not surprising at all actually.

Dirk played with Jade from Follow The Leader and they made an extremely gay pair of lesbians. The god of "Mom I can't I'm gay" and a butch trans woman biker. 

Extremely good, highly recommend

Hee Hoo I have come to comment on this game so people know how gay it is. We played it with Stephanie and Natalie on Hope's Hearth and yall.

Yall its so gay. It's SO GAY.

10/10, definitely gonna play it again.

We played this on the actual play podcast Hope's Hearth and it was so much fun! We played with Erin and Jupiter from The Hades Project.

Let it be said that we on Hope's Hearth always have a blast playing children, and ECH0 was no exception to this. Making the map, going through all of the mechs, and the bittersweet end of the game had all of us hooked into the story we were telling to the point that I cried. 


Hey remember when I said I was gonna comment on the itchio pages of the games we played on Hope's Hearth? HERE I AM TO TELL YOU YOU WROTE A REALLY GOOD GAME~!

The interesting and weird way the game intertwines hope with the dystopian landscape really grabbed us. It was hard not to think about how even though The Zone was fucked up, there were things thriving there anyway. Very Chernobyl. 

10/10 will definitely play again

We played this on the actual play podcast Hope's Hearth and it was so much fun. Kit (cohost of Abbey Archives, a Redwall reread podcast) played with me. We maybe broke the game a little bit by making it about an environmental research team discovering a giant underground cavern with its own weather patterns, but the prompts still fit well. We made weird creatures, came up with interesting history, and it was just an amazing game to play. 

It was a fantastic addition to the universe lore, and I absolutely want to play this game again.

We played this on the actual play podcast Hope's Hearth and it was so much fun! We had William A. Wellman (Creator of Hello From The Hallowoods) play the game with us and we spent at least 5 minutes talking about how good the writing, layout, and game art is. 

The mechanics were easy to follow and helped lead the story without forcing us to do things, and man sometimes it felt like the cards just KNEW what was supposed to happen! 

Absolutely phenomenal, 10/10 definitely will play again.


You know we played this already, but also for anyone who's looking at the comments like "I wonder how good this game is" please know, this game? Is really fucking good.

Filo wrote an amazing game and we had a ton of fun playing it and being fucking gay about gods and a pilgrimage and just

its fucking good.

You know we played this on Hope's Hearth but also I wanted to put a comment on the game page cause I know that helps the itchio algae rhythm BUT ANYWAY

Playing this as the very first game for our podcast was such an experience. Myths and legends changing with the world and being reshaped and retold, it was unique and I think really helped set the tone for our podcast.

So from the bottom of all of our hearts at Hope's Hearth, thank you for writing such a wonderful game and helping shape the stories we've told going forward.

We played this on the actual play podcast Hope's Hearth and it was so much fun!

We didn't manage to play long enough to have a Revolution clock go off, but what we got through was so good. The different places in the City led us in play without forcing us into doing anything, and it was just so so good.

I struggle to write feedback but please just know we loved this game. :D

We played this for Hope's Hearth )an actual play podcast) and it made all of us cry!!

:D thank you!! We had so much fun with it

this is gonna get some playtesting because I grabbed it so I can play JACK BLACK for a charity stream. you know, as you do lmao
I love the conceit for this playbook a lot! It's only missing the "Character Questions", but eh, those are easy to make up on your own. Love the supplemental moves too! Vampire Money is great

this game is Good and the podcast is Good and everyone who loves animorphs or alien invasion stories or just playing a rag tag group trying to save the world should play this game.