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We played this on the actual play podcast Hope's Hearth and it was so much fun. Kit (cohost of Abbey Archives, a Redwall reread podcast) played with me. We maybe broke the game a little bit by making it about an environmental research team discovering a giant underground cavern with its own weather patterns, but the prompts still fit well. We made weird creatures, came up with interesting history, and it was just an amazing game to play. 

It was a fantastic addition to the universe lore, and I absolutely want to play this game again.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! I'll have to go check out the podcast and give it a listen; I love hearing about the stories folks make with this little game. 

It's funny you mention doing an underground theme-- I have an underground setting extension of this on the backburner. :3c  Along with a few others.


:0 Oh man I would love to play that extension!!
and here's links directly to the episodes so you dont need to search for them :D