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Oh, good work tho bro, I hope u continue Learning, also what engine did u use?

Oh... Ok thanks i will try it👌

ooh... do u know a way to fix it?

what qu exactly? i saw it already... i know my post is close but not exactly 

this thing is still ?


ooh, i don't know but anyway i am from egypt and we don't have taxes... not like U.S.....but how many days will it take for the first time?

Hi, i made a payout to my PayPal account 16 days ago and still in review??? Won't i receive my money? I talked to support but also no respond, also i made a tax interview 23+days ago and still pending validation... please help, thanks.

that's cool!

bro... do u have a discord?




this one is on of the best from my opinion

create what ever you want everytning u create is just amazing!... even tho there are not a good 2d top-down player...

very nice!

this is amazing!

why no one commented?

this is also cool

why this things aren't popular?


nice! am a big fan!

Fantastic 🔥💖

حلوة جدا عاش! 

عااش جامدة!

yoo broo.... good  job! even tho i didn't fully understand the game but that was fun! keep working! also chek dis

hey bro.... i tried to download the game but game me warning try to cheak what is going on...

fantastic game! cool level designed! Amazing UI! Perfect SFX for the perfect time! The Gravity is a bit powerful tho but the gameplay was smoothy and fun! Good Job man! Waiting for updates!

THANKS 💖👌, yeah sure... It looks like something Egyptian..i like Egypt.😌💖

fantastic game! a cool experience! cool graphic! the game is sick! i really had fun playing it! Great Work! 

thanks! i really appreciate that! also ur game is sick i tried it, it is very good and laterally matches with the theme also it gives the feeling of immersing with its high quality graphic! great job my friend!  


Thank you! Really appreciate that!❤️

Also yea i am sorry i am new at itch and i didn't know about that 😅

can i get it for free and give u a percentage of the game ?

😆😆 thanks for ur time, i hope you had fun..😆

sure!, I am sorry to hear that bro.

Thank you Very much really!

I really appreciate that!

All u said is just true literally!😆

 The mele is stronger and the perfect time of it when the boss is healing 

Of course it didn't work properly but that's because i didn't have time and i had to export the game ASAP!

yep .. the game lags a little bit and especially when start the gameplay as the first jump because of the particles!

The shop work properly but since i didn't have time to make UI most of players don't notice that!😆 But if u bought something u will see the difference!

(The shop wasn't supposed to be like that at all)

The game isn't complete alot to improve about and alot to work on!

Thanks again for ur time and i hope that the upcoming update will improve the game ALOT!😆🔥👌


Thank you very much i really appreciate that! 💖

Yes as u said there are some bugs and the game isn't fully ready yet and the gameplay isn't perfect too... Thanks again and the next update will make the game a lot better 👌