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Very good, it'd make a nice port to the VIC-20 and C16 too, if you develop for those machines.

Almost never lose by POKE 650, 128 before running; this allows repeat keys on the Commodore C64.

Excellent version, thanks.

Any tips for infy lives? I only managed to mow 5 lawns before being blown up :-( All that for a Corned Beef Sandwich.

You could load it into Spectaculator or Fuse (I think) and re-save the snapshot as .z80 or .sna

This is one of my favourite Boulder Dash inspired games. Great fun, and extremely playable.

An excellent game. I remember this fondly when I was a writer for Micro Mart magazine

Amazing. Thanks for the great Commodore PET games.

This is very likely a feat never to be surpassed. This is the very best game on the Sinclair ZX81. Truly playable and very fun, a great take on a classic game.

Great game!

A good conversion, thanks.

Looks really amazing. Looking forward to this game as I'm a fan of scrolling shooters.

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Could you add a 'free download or name your own price' option please so I can support you a bit more than just downloading?

You may play this game with up to four human players on THEC64 with the latest firmware, v1.6.1.

If you want four players on THEC64 Mini, ensure that you are using a good power supply at 2.5amps or more as you will need to supply a USB hub extension for the extra joysticks.

Could you make a WHDLoad version of this game? If so, it should be compatible with the upcoming THEA500 Mini

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Does it work on accelerated systems such as the SuperCPU? Also, does it work in 128 native mode?

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You can now play this game with a mouse on THEC64/THEC64 Mini and THEVIC20. Firmware v1.6.1 reads most or all USB mouses and trackballs as a 1351. The following CJM file should work:

T:Advanced Space Battle

Select CG type of joystick adapter when prompted by Bomb Mania, and also in this case select PAL, or chance the X parameter to NTSC if this fits your THEC64 better

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To use this game with three or four players on THEC64, THEVIC20 or THEC64 mini, use the following CJM file with firmware version 1.6.0 or later:

T:Bomb Mania

Name the CJM file the same as your D64 file, so if your disk image is called BombMania.D64 your CJM file with the settings above BombMania.cjm

The firmware version is available to download here ->

It really is a very good Spectrum game indeed.

Pretty cool. It could do with a redefine keys option though, if there's enough RAMs left to add that in.

Works find from a CMD-FD 2000 to load and save.

I have a few higher capacity drives and test that it works on CMD devices such as the FD2000.

It should also use the Kernal loader, and not require JiffyDOS on the drive. Is that correct?

Thank-you for publishing this digital version as my original disk 1 got corrupted. It would be interesting if we could have a Metal Dust world championship or some other competition. I'm currently on level 3 on "Easy" (15 lives per continue). Also, fun fact, to enable the built-in cheat mode, just listen to the music on the title screen for a few minutes, then you have an option that allows up to 99 lives per continue.

A real media release would be awesome.

If it will work in VICE it will more likely work with the real hardware than the other way around, as SuperCPU emulation isn't quite yet perfected. But good work! And thank-you for the SCPU support.

Just thought I'd add that I would pay for a SuperCPU version (not just fixed to work at faster speeds, but properly 65816/65c02 native)

I can confirm that it works great at 48Mhz

I agree that a Plus/4 port would be great. But who would do this?

By the way, this is not a game, and I am not currently a game developer. Thanks!

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I created a time-boxing tool for our daily stand ups; this is something that I did when at Retro Games Ltd, but I have re-written the BASIC listing for my current company. As most people are working from home, we use Zoom for daily stand ups. I therefore share my screen with this program running on a Commodore C64 emulator, and it is an effective tool to keeping daily stand ups on point and stops them over-running. The current default is that each member of the Scrum team has 3 minutes and 30 seconds to deliver their update.

It is highly customisable Commodore C64 BASIC. Please see it here ->

As for the other Scrum tools that I developed, I will release these (after I've re-written and tested them in a real-world Scrum team) if there is sufficient interest.

Many thanks,


Edit: apologies for the typo

Excellent game, and a great tribute to Rock Man and RIP The Game by Mastertronic

Here is a CJM file for THEC64 and THEVIC20 


You will need to name the CJM file the same as the file on your USB drive, but with a CJM extension. So if the game in your folder is called pumkinkid.prg, create a CJM file called pumkinkid.cjm

This is a really awesome monochrome masterpiece, and rather apt for 2020.

This might need some amendments for the J:2* parameters if you have a Mini which hasn't been updated to the latest firmware (specifically the mapping of the F1 and F3 keys).

Here's a Commodore Joystick Map that works with THEC64 and Mini:

T:Zeta Wing
A:Sarah Jane Avory

The back two buttons on THEC64 Joystick are used on the title screen.

When is Gardensoft going to release the other games promised, such as a washing up simulator which, as Your Sinclair stated, would include a drying up simulator??????

By the way, is the source code for this available?

Very nice. Stunt Car Racer is a good example of 3D on the Commodore C64 as well