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Firstly, I didn't think that I would ever mention this, but... I'm a girl so your suggestion is incredibly tempting but impossible.

Secondly, you have nothing to apologize for. You wrote that this game is difficult. And as an author, you have your own vision of the game. Actually, it reminds me of play-station games from 90s without saves... Oh, there were the times...
And once again... I really like your game, it has potential. I look forward to the final version and believe it will be awesome. 

I figure out it... with the not-so-happy result.
So yea... 

DON'T PRESS X!  I'll remember that then the next time decide to find the end of the game)

First of all, I really like the game. There are beautiful pictures and the game becomes more difficult with each level. It's nice.

Just a few suggestions:
- It would be nice to have the saves... It's really sad to lose all progress in one second by pressing the wrong button (Esc).

- Some indicator of how many levels are left until the end of the game (for example, 8/25)

- It would be interesting to have some sort of help (for example, finding 5 correct differences in a row gives you 1 help). This will stimulate the player to look for differences, and not just click randomly.

- And it was already mentioned... the Gallery... Yes, it is really necessary.

It may be a little difficult to implement (I'm not really familiar with programming), so I don't insist... Just suggestions...

I don't know... maybe someone already told you that...
If I try to use Esc to go to the main menu, I suddenly see this...

At the beginning of the game, the plot seems a bit far-fetched. But the more you read, the deeper you plunge into the story. And you notice how many interesting concepts there are.

Usually in such a game... MC is a "hero", and everyone just loves them. But in fact, the player must pretend to be someone in order to find a way to interest each LI. 
In this game, from the very beginning, you know that you are pretending... trying to fit into the perfect image of a squire. And it really refreshes that there is no lie.
Interesting style of BG and CG. This game really has its style.
A financial element when you need to choose what to do, make money or spend it on the study...
MC family... You really believe how difficult their lives are, how desperate they are...
And, of course, the Knights... Interesting characters. I would like to know them better... know their stories...

Therefore, I look forward to the full version of the game. It seems really promising...

I just wanna add a couple of things. 

I very liked all these tricks with tails. Great idea. It looks nice, sweet and sexy... And I terribly miss such things in other games.
I'm not a fan of furry, but in your game, I liked Alkar the most. I don’t know why, but it seems that he's the only one who desperately needs MC. Probably just my imagination.
And, of course, Raven... She's gorgeous. I love her. I wanna be like her...

I must admit that I didn't expect much from this project...

But I was very surprised to find an unusual concept, interesting and funny characters and really beautiful art.
I do believe the final result will be more than wow...
Looking forward to see this.

I'm not quite thrilled with the game. The game isn't bad, it's just not exactly what I expected. You know, you cannot please everyone, so don't take it personally. 

I noticed a few things that can be improved so I decided to share them:
- in the picture with Harry in the forest his scar on the wrong cheek.
- the 9-th chapter repeat 20 or even more lines from 8-th, even the choses. This is not good, not logical and really annoying, because you cannot skip it.
- a brief summary of what happens to characters next (in the end) moves too fast. I recommend deleting the timer (turn the page by click the mouse)... Just let the player read as fast as they want. I'm literally not really good at English (this is my second language) and I wasn't pleased to go back and forth several times.

I enjoyed CG a lot... But I really missed your vision of MC on it...

Thanks for the game, anyway.

I did not pay much attention... And, frankly, it's hard to believe that one person can create both wonderful pictures and an incredibly interesting story with deep characters... Awesome work. Now 

I am ashamed. I'm sorry (

Thank you. Good to know.

I don't think so... Vadeyn usually calls MC my love. He doesn't speak much elven...

I wanna thank every single person who created this wonderful game. A tense atmosphere, a dark and complex world, interesting and mature (for a change) characters, wonderful models and backgrounds, even animation... - everything is perfect. I really enjoy playing this game. 

I just finished the Lacey route (he is definitely my type of characters), and looking forward to seeing everything else.

But in this barrel of honey there are a few drops of tar...
1. CG should be a reward for the game traveler. Something that you really wanna find and spent a bit time to enjoy... But CG in this game are really poor quality. The models of characters made so lovingly and so detailed that you expect something similar from the CG, but it looks more like sketches rather than finished projects..
2. Elf have their own language. I'm not really familiar with Elven language from other sources, maybe it's the same... For example, Lacey calls MC "mysao'ra" (written differently in different fragments). I think this is something like... darling or my love... But I don't know for sure. So... would be nice to have a dictionary.
3. And the endings... I used to see titles of the endings. A bad or good ending should mean something for the gamer. To understand is it the best option or you should play again and try to find something better... 
And, as a result, 1 and 3... It should be the Gallery of endings and CG.

I understand that the game is free and I shouldn't ask for more than I received. But I sincerely believe that there are many people who will be happy to buy this game with these improvements.

Look forward for your new projects.