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Great submission overall, the graphics and audio are so good ! The gameplay is very punitive and frustrating though and it takes a bit too long to reload the level. I couldn't beat the third level as well so I can't tell if there is a twist in the end. The game page is also probably the best I've seen in this jam :D

You can checkout our entry as well if you have time, your feedback would be greatly appreciated !

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Hahaha very fun entry ! I had a bug the first time, laucnhed the game again and ... played ? Good job the graphics were great :)

You can check my entry as well if you have time !

Interesting entry with a great atmosphere, I loved the music and the graphics. It was a bit short but I enjoyed it. :)

I'd love to hear you opinion on our entry if you have time !

Nice entry with cool graphics and music. The gameplay was interesting but way too punitive for me, the Game Over was too long and not skippable, and checkpoints in every level would have been a cool addition for a game jam I think. Great job anyway, web playable games are always fun and easy to enjoy :) I'd love to hear your opinion on my entry as well if you have time !

Impressive submission for a first game on Unity ! I didn't have any bug and the game was really fun to play :) Congrats it was super un-intuitive haha !
I'd love to hear you feedback on my entry as well if you have time !

Graphics were are really great but I didn't understand the gameplay, I pressed Return and then the character disappeared and nothing happened. Tried a second time without success. :/

You can check out my entry if you have time, you have to guess if people are lying too :)

You are missing the Unity DLL :/ It's a shame because graphics looked nice.

You can check out my entry if you have time :)

Wow thank you for the awesome feedback, greatly appreciated :D I'll definitely check out your entry ! 

They are similar in the way they are naked and bald haha ! Thanks for the feedback man :) 

Indeed you can see pretty much the whole game in a few tries ! thanks for the feedback  :) 

Thank you for your comment ! :) 

Thanks mate ! :D

Thank you so much for the feedback ! :D And yes we will definitely make some alternative controls for the next jam, I didn't think about it