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I don't remember that, though it has been a bit since I played this... 
As long as they didn't add this after my playthrough I can confidently say it's worth it to kill her first. Though it took me SO many tries to beat these ladies like damn

Great idea, amazing execution, with a charming style to boot! I especially liked the marking mechanic, made it way easier to explore every folder while keeping the heat in check!

I am so glad I checked the comments and found the bullet hell easter egg! For the people struggling with it, here's my tactic: (Disclaimer! It's not really hard but I'm an impatient person so I understand)

First kill the middle lady. She shoots twice as many bullets
Second kill the far right lady
Third kill the second woman on the right side
Fouth kill the far left lady
Fifth, kill the last one

That's how I did it after figuring out the patterns and what's easiest to dodge for me! Hope I helped!

This game was a fun experience, thanks for making it!

Glad I could help, I hope my criticism wasn't too blunt or mean in any way. I'm excited for game updates :D

The premise is really neat but it takes way too long to get to your first job. 5 something minutes of nothing but clicking (without idle income!!) Is very discouraging and made me wanna quit before I got the first job if I'm being honest.

I gave it a shot and continued playing and it's grinding grinding and grinding. It's not rewarding to invest time in this until way later (Based on my assumption, i quit halfway trough) 

If there is an update to this where these points are taken into consideration I'd love to play again but I enjoy the integrity of my fingers so for now imma have to put this on hold

The game doesn't work for me. When I start a new game it says "No save data found" :(

I played through the games multiple times for all endings. Dante is hot asf but typical me (always wanting what I can't have) am thirsting over the collector and did his ending last lmao

I need more collector content omfg

It's really cute to see characters from my childhood games be the couple they always were lol
I feel like there's not enough time between the warning that they will look, and them actually looking, usually you have half a second or so more.

otherwise this is really great

I see a common theme of cats in your games

Really like it, esp how its designed

This was the therapy I needed after Goodnight Meowmie

The way the game went from cute to horror without explanation or dialog made it really scary. Not explaining or addressing the horror can make it way more unsettling.  Love it!!

Game crashed when I got to the dialog "Hello World" After going to bed on the day you leave the apartment for the first time.
I got back to that point again and I think it was bc I clicked too fast

I knew the game was gonna end sad but this hurt a lot ouch

great game <3

Do you think there will ever be a mac version? I really wanna get my (mac only) friend to play!

Don't worry about it! I was surprised someone would be so pressed and assumed a bunch of things over one small comment.

I can definetly see how that would cause funny situations if you don't know what to expect, I didn't think about it that way!

I love draw your own adventure games in general and I liked your game a lot, you did a great job^^


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My reasoning was that I wanted to make the hero a girl, but after I already confirmed my drawing the narrator started calling the hero "he". If it was specified that the hero is a dude before you draw it would have been fine to me. Alternative would be calling the hero they/them so it fits anyones art.

I'm not the one offended or pissed off by anyhing, I was just giving my opinion which I am ENTITLED to. You can share your opinion aswell, but not like some bitchy, rude asshole. Fix your attitude and kindly leave me alone <3

I think I did well with the chocolate and wine first try and everything

Great game, only thing i dont like is that the hero is male by default

I'm not good with words but to put it simply the game set the mood very nicely! I could really feel the awkward tension just based on the long silences and the dialog without it feeling forced. Great job! Hope you make more stuff like this, or write more dialog for something!

It's a metaphor for how we humans are killing the planet? It has nothing to do with veganism or animals lmao

I like to think that that is an intentional way to beat the game.
Even though it takes way longer and more effort, its always possible to achieve a goal without discarding your humanity, something the minority did here and something the minority does in the real world

Great game, but the streingth-to-difficulty inrease is way too high i keep dying between floors 10 and 15 and when i do make it to the queen its practically impossible to get enough shielding to not die within 4 rounds due to the jelly dice. But even WITHOUT the jelly dice taking up all the space its hard to get enough shield to make those 20dmg points not hit you like a truck

Why can the queen bee literally one shot us

The game is fun but flowers that tecnically fit the description arent right so you gotta try around which isnt fun. 2 of the white plants have sleep effects and i am supposed to make a yellow sleeping hex potion, yet when i add any of the yellow ingredients it says i did something wrong, incredibly frustrating.

Okay hear me out, what if there were dudes too like the rare girl just that its a dude. Also what if theres a certain chance a girl tries to save the other and both get pulled in