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Such a great game - can't wait for part 4!

This game isn't racist. It's pointing out racism and bias in job applications and how it negatively affects those who don't fit a certain demographic (which is a very real problem). That's the whole point, and you missed it.

Great game! Funny and poignant

This looks like it'd be fun to play, but the E key isn't working at all. I'm on Windows 10 btw

Yes! I had that exact thought when I saw the pickaxe on the wall. I got really excited...and then I realized it was the broken one Smith alluded to earlier :)

One of my favorite things to do is click on every little thing in a game to read the descriptions, and it's what I was expecting to do here. I understand the triple constraint, so I'm glad you focused on the overall experience within the time and budget you had. I liked that you made it super obvious what to click (except for a couple of things, which was a smart move) so that we didn't click on a bunch of stuff only to get no feedback. That's always frustrating.

Do you think you will make more games like this? Not necessarily a sequel, but non-violent RPGs with unique combat situations. There really aren't that many out there that I know of.


Thank you so much! I came back as Smith (thinking it was a quest specific to him) and spent hours and hours trying to figure out what I missed - of course it was the old "I checked this area out once at the start of the game and forgot it existed" problem :)

And yes, I did understand how the shortage was affecting them. It was a big hint, and I can't believe I missed it! I thought that because the sprawling forest was magical, it probably wasn't a good idea to try to get magical wood, but Jack seemed to know about forests in general so maybe he'd know where to get a small scrap of regular wood.

Anyway, now I'm going back to experience all of the endings. Thanks again!

Through unconscious bias, your game feeds into a negative stereotype of dark skin = evil/bad guy. That's a problem, and it was my hope that you would take this concern seriously and take action to remedy this issue in a future update as another developer promised to do.

Talking about how Anson's not the only dark-skinned character in the game and how the main character's portrayal is left up to the player is an attempt to detract and deflect from the problem I raised. My primary issue was not inclusivity - it was the harmful trope, and I made that very clear.

The equivalent of an "I'm sorry you were offended" apology is not an apology - but that's fine, it's neither wanted nor needed. The entire point of the movement is to bypass empty gestures, listen to feedback/criticism, and take action in a meaningful effort to change things for the better.

Without doing these things, being a part of this bundle becomes lip service and the equivalent of throwing money (your game proceeds) at a situation while thinking that's all you have to do.

It isn't.

I purchased this as part of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. 

I'd like to bring awareness to the fact that the one darker-skinned human character is cast as the scapegoat/bad guy, which also happened in another game I recently tried to play from the bundle (Brassica). This is a terrible trope and one of the very caricatures of black people that the bundle was created to help change.

Although an interesting storyline, I can't continue to play this game.

What a great game! I love how I can play as different characters and they all have their own storylines, plus Darling's "dashing prince" vibe was cool.

There's only one quest that I just can't figure out for the life of me - the pickaxe handle! How can I find the wood for it? I've tried asking Jack (I thought he was a woodcutter?) and other characters and I got nothin'. Thanks :)

Thank you for your willingness to listen and change. I look forward to trying the game again after the next update.

I purchased this as part of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. I really liked the artwork and the story premise, and settled in to have a fun time.

Not long into the game, I realized that there is a casting of the darker-skinned character as an uncultured brute (according to another character), which is a terrible trope and one of the very caricatures of black people that the bundle was created to help change.

I can't continue to play this game.