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I wish there was more I can't rate it yet ><

But the music is really good so far and the story is interesting.

If I were to give my honest opinion about this game...

In some ways this might be the greatest game of all time.

There is no winning is there : *(. Man that hit hard.

Really nice art. And really emotional. Well done!

Good stuff!

Could you put the dialogues up on some wiki, I don't want to replay the game 3 more times lol..

Thanks so much!

I find it strange that giggles is a category since many of these games are very serious and sad.

Also I can't seem to vote unless I leave a comment?

Oh god... how many are there total? Does how high up you are matter?

"You gotta break a few eggs to start an egg breaking business."

Do you unlock different dialogues based on where you stand?

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Cute game.

The biggest take away for me was that bringing up bad memories unnecessarily seems to be bad for the person hurting. But I have had times where I got way closer to a person after hearing their stories.

Edit: I think I get it now. I forgot that she is talking to herself and not another person. And ruminating about bad events to yourself is definitely bad, even if talking to other people about it can sometimes be nice. Really thought provoking game as you can see :P!