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Jamming done - time to play!

A topic by Zoyander Street created Oct 17, 2016 Views: 142 Replies: 4
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Well done everyone who participated in the jam, and thanks to everyone else who has been following along and supporting it. The work is over and now it's time to play.

Please play and rate the jam entries. I've set it so that even if you didn't submit a game, you can still rate games.

In one week, we'll find out which entries were rated highest on the following:

  • Queerness
  • Feels
  • Giggles
Interpret those words however you like when rating entries.

Please use the feedback process and comments feature to help jammers to make their games better so that the bundle can be as good as possible. I'll launch the bundle in about a week!


For "Inappropriate/Unplayable", is a high rating good or bad?


Put down a high rating for that one just to flag something that might be an issue. it mostly doesn't matter, just helps to find anything that might need addressing.


I find it strange that giggles is a category since many of these games are very serious and sad.

Also I can't seem to vote unless I leave a comment?


Oh that's strange! There should be a separate button there for voting, before the comment box.

Yeah I set these categories before the submissions came in, strange turn of events! Gonna be lots of high scores in the "feels" category.