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I couldn't play any longer, need some sleep.

This time, the first boyo rekt me even tho i had everything equiped you get at the start. 

did you know fridges use up 27 spaces, not 28?

this run i had the idea you don't need physical damage output. 

I like my inv clean. and i also love playing tetris.

good game. 

Hey ! i played you game for a couple of hours today. i have some feedback and even some ideas.

I loved the game, it looks awesome and really easy to get into.

great start, great tutorial.
The game itself got a bit grindy quickly. i had the original game from the installer. so i quickly found out that rings are OP.

There's no need to keep any loot, i kept two fridges in my inventory for 23 levels and my equipment was just rings. 

the game crashed before i could screenshot it but i will do another run to show how i travel trough the levels.

so here are my ideas what i think would be nice:

-add a currency in the game. every time you fight an enemy, you get some coins. 

-add a merchant where you can sell the loot you get. i see the pics up here and i just go.. why do they keep all that stuff, just destroy it. it's worthless. 

-I would like an actual loadout for you character so for example a spot to equip one sword, one helmet, one pair of legs, 2 rings.. right now you can 'equip' a dozen helmets and have no sword. you could even make it so it changes the appearance of your character. (a bit how minecraft equipment works) 

-the choice to be a girl because let's face it, girls are way cooler AND cuter.

-( not sure yet about this one but i'll leave it to you) possibility to find keys on enemies to open certain chests.