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I feel I acctually need to apologise once again as half a year is certainly not “VERY soon” ;D Anyways! Freshwater Set is available NOW if you’re still interested :)

Hi, I’m sorry, I know you are waiting for this, but so far it’s been a crazy month. Good news is I have the initial 20 sprites now so it will be up VERY soon. Again, sorry :)

Hi Carey, I’m very glad you like it and yes - indeed I am working on a freshwater set and I hope to release it before the end of this month. This one is going to start with 20 sprites but it get updates as I draw new fishes. With that I’ll happy accept the listing! Cheers!

I’ve been checking this out years ago, I hope you get to finish this one day as this is such a beautiful and well crafted game.

Hi all! I just released my first asset pack! You can check it out here! This is a set of 20 fishies that inhabit the Baltic Sea. All fish come from my #pixelfish series I’ve been doing for over a year on FB and IG Hope you like it as I plan to make bigger sets in the future! Let me know what you think! Oh and it’s on sale now!