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From my understanding, RPG Maker MV/MZ are the same sizes of 48x48. So, these files should work correctly in each. For VX, I will need to decrease the size, since they are 32x32. So, to answer your question, I believe these asset files should work perfectly for MV & MZ :)

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OH! Okies, so these are RPG Maker MV sprite sizes (I believe). - I will need to look into MZ & VX Ace for creating more sizes :)! Thank you again for bringing this up!

Oh! I just saw this! Sorry for the late reply! 
But, I was actually thinking about doing those as well. Just not entirely sure about the layout. I will look it up online and try my best to do that soon for this set and the Cafe Girls set! Thank you for asking though! I was actually wondering if there were differences between the setups, so there must be :D!

Hey Nick! 

Great work so far getting over 500 subscribers! If you're not already, some helpful advice I could give you would be to explore some of the bigger/well known gamejams and do a live play/stream of playing all (or most) of the submission games. 

For example, #weeklygamejam, they have a few dedicated streamers that just do that each week for all the games that were submitted! Or join some gamedev discord channels that host gamejams within them and work up from that. 

Good luck!

Hi Iori,

Great work on Demonizer! The game looks impressive and very well thought out, with a lot of time and effort put in. 

I'd like to make a game cover art for you.  My website, .

Message me on discord and let's set something up! @ ShainaSenpaii#9247

Thank you very much! ^^

I love this! The artwork and design is beautifully simplistic. Great work! 

I am in love with the animations ^o^

Hi Antomaat! Thank you so much for playing our game and for your nice input!

We are so lucky to have a team with the best narrator/writer Felmuffin, and our sound designer & game designer Dr_Munkfish! They helped make this game really come to light. 

And thank you so much for the A+ rating, we really appreciate it!

Hi Thoof! Thank you so much for playing our game! We really appreciate you taking the time to comment on it as well! Your opinions are really great and if we come back to edit this game, we can definitely improve on it with your advice! Thank you so much for finding the little errors and issues too!

And omg! You're a genius! I should have totally done just a brush stroke for the dialogue boxes! That would have been perfect!

Again, thank you very much for playing and your very much appreciated input! 

Thank you very much Joshua for playing Puca! 

We really appreciate you taking the time and playing it so many times! Thank you for the kind words and critic tips! We do know there are a few things that need to be fixed, and I would love to implement some of your design ideas as well! Thank you again!

Thank you so much! Yes, we are really lucky to have found each other! It's super fun!

This was a really fun game! I really liked the way it's so small and limiting, but you get options to interact and have fun! Great Job!

Thank you very much! We do plan on improving and developing this game in the future! 

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Check out this video "Indie Sundae - Radioactivity (W90)" (1 hr 20 mins in)

Check out this video "Indie Sundae - Radioactivity (W90)"

You are so kind! Thank you so much!!

This is amazing. I love how you made this from a comic! You're a genius!

Btw, I'm sure you know this, but this is adorable to the max.

Great Game! Love the simplicity in graphics and the simplicity in lvl design! It's nicely challenging. 

Great Job! The game graphics are super nice! 

I think something that could make it better would be to incorporate a bit of  challenge within the level design & look into item arrangement within the scene, so that two objects aren't fighting to be in the front at the same time. 

Overall, great work!

Hi Joshua! Thank you so much for testing out our game and enjoying it! We really appreciate your input as well, I agree with all your findings. There should be a 'how many cats you saved' out of 'how many cats there are' to show your ambitions and a corresponding image to show you how good or how bad you did. Also a home + pause screen would be helpful, and a retry button at the end as well. Overall, I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you again for playing! 

Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to play and review it! 

I realized it was a test after XD Sorry mate. 

Can't wait to see the end result!

Great work! Love the graphics. Something I would recommend for next time is to spruce up your game page a little more. Overall, great job!

Great job! Good job on the game page and graphics.

Great work! Love the graphics. And good job for only having a limited amount of time as well!

Great job on the game! It's a super interesting concept and the artwork is very nice.

Great work on your game! I love the characters and animations! Some things that I would look into is the screen shakiness when playing. It made me kind of motion-sickness. And also, maybe a description of what to do in the game? Not really sure what to do. Overall, things look great!

Great Job! All of that work in 2 days! Dang! Kudos.

Great work! 

Great Job for your first time! Something I'd recommend for future works is to document more screenshots or create some game page art :)!

Great Game! You did an awesome job!

Great Game! I really enjoy the level designs and how you have to defeat all the knights to advance. One thing that I felt iffy about was how slow the character was. Wasn't sure if it was intentional or not, but his jump went very far compared to his actual movement. Just a thought. Overall, great job! Everything looks great!

Thank you very much for the advice and for playing our game! We will take your advice to heart and implement it into our next game. Thank you for enjoying!