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I don't know about anyone else but dozer always will be my favourite, I mean he's just such a huge softie and it melts my heart. Yes he's into some risky stuff but damn he's just such a great guy, makes me wish dozer was a real person I knew.

well I'm using android and I updated last month.

With the coach grifter route I noticed that the CG for his sex scene doesn't work properly, the mc's shading would move but his arm would stay in its initial position. 

I'm curious, are there any plans to add NSFW content to the game or will the game be revolving around connecting with a chosen character? I don't mind either way, I'm just curious to know.

I beat Mike first time due to immense luck. I guess the best way to beat him is by using one turn to heal up if needed and the second turn to attack, obviously keeping your friend's health high is a high priority. 

Tnx for letting me know! I'll wait for the next update then. (Btw saying you'll do it by fall means now for me since I live in South Africa, it's currently fall now. But I understand what you mean, just thought to add a bit of light humour would be nice.)

I already have the currently posted ppublic build and I'd like to know when the next one comes out?

Yup! Took me five tries and a hell of a lot of gathering for health and restrain potions to actually beat him the first time. Now I've got a habit of keeping at least 10 health potions in my inventory.

I've got a LG K40 running on one of the newer Android os. My first assumption is that it's a screwup that happened at the download, but it persists after I updated it and also reinstalled the game. I'd give you a proper bug report from my device but I honestly don't know how I'd go about accessing the game's core files neither how to read JavaScript or any other digital language.

Hey! I just picked up the game and I just wanna say that I greatly enjoyed what you've done so far. I can sympathize with most of the characters (except two elderly bonified douches) and I've fallen head over heals for ranok, and that's something I enjoy in a vn. I'm not lust driven and I quite love the realm you've built for the story and each bit of history and pretext you've put in has genuinely sparked deep interest in me. 

By all of what I have in me, I shout that you keep going and for the dearest of me pray that you have the drive to see it to the end as I will impatiently await every new addition you make to this wonderous story. I also thank you for making this enthralling tale and investing time and effort to build it up, and I have a feeling you will continue to please me to the very end with this creation of yours. 

Also I'd like to add that I love how you are putting the theme of Psychic abilities in the world because it's mostly written off as fantasy or fake, I myself am a psychic I'd like to say. I say that because I'm not sure that I'd be considered a psychic because I have a talent for communing with the energy around me including a person's nervous system, I mainly use my talent to soothe aches and pains to a minor degree because my talent is very limited in the sense that I can only do so much for a person before getting too tired to keep going. I'm sorry if I seem like I'm bragging or showing off but I think I just felt a need to put it out there, mainly because I'm alone in having this talent inside my friend circle and I'm mainly trusted to help them with their bodily troubles and picking up on these troubles. 

Main point is, I love what you're doing with this vn and I'm cheering for you all. I know it can be a daunting task to do something like this because it's a very sensitive topic but thus far you've all done a wonderful job at portraying the problems and coping mechanisms of psychics. 

Thanks so much for making this vn and I can't wait to see what you have in store. 

Hey I ran into a bit of an issue with the mobile version. Each time I play it's really choppy. Like throughout the game I have to wait after each tap I make starting from the loading or start screen and even during a playthrough. I don't know if others are experiencing this or if it's an issue on my end but that's what I've been experiencing. I love the game and I hope you get it done up to the point youd like it to be so please keep going, I just thought it'd be helpful to mention this issue here.

Can't wait for some teak knottage.



nice. I'd love some teak d. :3

When do we get a teak update????

however you like. Though i think focusing on being neutral between the sexualities would be nice. Im a gay guy and have a bit of a phobia for the nude female body.

oh! And will there be a gay male protagonist option and a lesbienic one too? I feel giving that choice could attract a wider fanbase.

will there be updates

though I need to also add that not everyone has funds openly available. I myself enjoy your game and I was hoping I could play this one but I'll wait until I got funds to buy the game, atleast it's not expensive so hopefully I'll be able to get it soon.

Thank you for this amazing game! And thank you for making it obtainable for us poor folk!

Game is dead.


I only have windows but i wanna play this game sooooo bad


thank you.

really loving the game. Though fighting roushk is a bit too difficult for me. Im lost on what to do. 

Agree. I check always when I have the chance. This game is awesome and sexy.

I actually did it. Try buying a dildo training kit. It helps. Also, be considerate. Gentle. He's a gentle giant.