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Even when you find all the colors there's only 6 of them and there are like 3 different shades of purple

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I know this game is in early access, but it has a lot of issues... Here's a list I've compiled, you may already be aware of some of them.

Getting to the final boss room and having no idea what to do, only to check the community posts and find that there's nothing to do- The GAME should have told me that, not the website.

Objects and walls randomly don't have collision, and one room isn't even attached to the map so you can just walk outside the map in the gap between rooms.

There's no cooldown between attacks so (especially with a turboclick button) you can just spam and kill everything instantly.

Economy was completely broken, after one level I could buy hundreds of medkits and never worry about dying. Also sometimes my money would randomly display 0000000 for some reason. This combined with the last thing made me never feel in danger.

Lack of proper water controls- In the 2nd boss with water I ended up rocketing out of the water and high above the level several times.

The bosses were super janky and the 2nd one had no indication you were damaging it.

The enemy and AI pathfinding was awful, things were always running into walls and flying enemies would get stuck flying directly above me but not coming down to attack. Also flying enemies were often out of field of view so you'd appear to be randomly getting hit- Maybe adding an indication of damage direction would help.

The health bar is black with no outline so you can't really see if you're at full health or not.

You can interact with things from any distance as long as you can see them, so for example you can open lockers from across the map.

Switches seem randomly placed, one even being against a random pillar in a hallway facing the wall so you can't see it.

There is a random mechanic I accidentally discovered of going through vents. I don't think the game tells you about this and it feels kind of pointless. Also they're not consistent- If you walk through a vent and it takes you somewhere, sometimes going back through it takes you to where you entered it originally, sometimes it's somewhere else entirely.

Levels are just copypastes of the same hallways and rooms.

NPCs, objects and enemies are randomly floating.

Coin hitboxes are weird and you often have to walk over them several times to pick them up.

Pressing E to advance text should complete the textbox instead of going to the next one, especially with how slow the text crawl is.

Fun puzzles with weird characters and interactions as expected by Rusty Lake. Given the length of the game it kinda sucks how easy it is to miss some of the stars.

Puzzles are easier compared to other Rusty Lake games, but still nothing to sneeze at, with a lot of the game being focused on satisfying kinematic interactions. Note this game will make no sense if you don't know the context of the other Rusty lake games, but if you do the story is great.

Combat is unique and fun. When I saw it was rogue"lite" I'd hoped that meant upgrades would persist between runs, would prefer if they did personally, but I get it's not what the devs were going for.

Short and sweet, honestly one of the more fun Zelda-likes I've played. The slightly abstract world map is fun to navigate with and explore. The overworld is mostly entirely open to you at the beginning but you unlock more secrets as you get more items. Power curve is satisfying. Combat is fun and the tomes keep it interesting.

The overworld may as well not exist. There's nothing there. Not even enemies to fight. World is way bigger than it needs to be but entirely empty. They may as well have added a level select. No side quests or anything besides one optional minigame. Dungeons are okay but combat can be frustrating.

I almost closed the game immediately because it really oversells its own difficulty, I thought it would be a super difficult social game which I don't feel good at. In reality the gameplay is super shallow and you just choose the best odds on each dialogue option. Story was interesting despite this.

Exploration was fun although the worlds felt largely empty. Combat was super cool although shallow. Overall a fun time not amazing

I normally hate clicker/idle games, as they're often fun for the first 20 or 30 minutes and then become an absolute slog. This game gets around that limitation by only being 20 or 30 minutes long and it's honestly genius, probably the only clicker game I've enjoyed.

If the creator actually trained an AI for this game, it's not great. I'll spam random colors and get a B or A. The drawings I put effort into get Fs and Ds and then I'll add a random dot and get an A. Super limited color pallette didn't feel fun, made things hard to draw. World is fun to explore but I wish movement was faster. Overall I'd only play it with a friend, drawing weird pictures and laughing about them to yourself seems not fun.

Gameplay isn't very interesting and the horror elements are too funny to be scary. Got stuck on the bigfoot part from not great controls that kept running me into trees, or just being caught because he's way too fast.

Fun and interesting game. About 100 levels in they got difficult to the point it felt like too much effort, but I enjoyed my time with it

My feelings on this game are complex. It's fun and has good ideas but also a lot of flaws (and having worked with it I know some of those flaws are due to the restrictions of RPG maker).

There's one shop in the game early on, so getting money after that point doesn't matter. (Maybe you can walk back to it? Never tried.)

The core gameplay is fun, it feels a bit weird that all fights are basically scripted events but it works well for the scope of the game. Items felt useless, I'm not even sure what most of them did. I also sometimes had a bug where the first projectile in an attack wouldn't spawn visually but would still hurt me, which isn't great.

The characters are fun and colorful (literally), especially the old lady and her son.

A large portion of the game can be ignored completely and just provides flavor text and worldbuilding- Whether that's a good or bad thing is up to you.


The ending doesn't make sense- I had 2 runs where I did the exact same thing, except one I touched the orb and one I didn't. The guy accused me of lying about touching it either way, and the ending played out the exact same except the very last part was randomly different, despite on the surface nothing changing about how the events went and there being no real indication I shouldn't have touched it. And he says it's bad if the orb is exposed to sunlight, but it's exposed to sunlight on the beach either way? You also have to talk to the matriarch's son at a certain point in the story to get the best ending, even though he never references that conversation again and it has no effect on the story otherwise; the way this event changes the outcome of the story is not explained.

The ninja ending is awful since rpg maker decides a character is touching you if you're in the space they're currently moving into, it's basically impossible due to this.

It's a very minor thing, but I like how you can kill the trainer at the beginning.

This game is slow in every sense of the word. Movement is unreasonably slow, as in how did they think this was acceptable slow. If you hold down a button for the entire game (that it doesn't tell you) and give yourself carpal tunnel, it becomes moderately slow. Attacking is slow. Dialogue is slow with no text speed options (looking at the page now there's apparently a skip text button but the game doesn't tell you this, and why would you not just use B like every other game?). I got 10 minutes in and couldn't continue.

Neat little puzzle. Fun to do the different choices and see how people react.

Honestly more of a visual novel than a point and click game as there's very little puzzling and most of the game is just talking to people, but it's a very entertaining game.

Really fun time, although admittedly sometimes I just wanted to get to the minigames (and doing a single minigame then going back to exploration feels like a bit of a tease). The last episode did it right I think, where instead of having one minigame-sprint at the end of the chapter, you have several spread throughout. Can't wait for the upcoming chapters.

This game and Toree 2 are what Sonic should be: Fast and tight platforming that lets you actually be fast

Fun little experience. Got much easier when I realized your hunger and thirst bars were time based, not based on movement, so I needed to rush instead of carefully considering my moves.

This was a really fun game, the first 5-10 minutes felt awful as I figured out the controls, but once I got a hang of it it became a really fun sandbox to go around, do different things and see how people react, explore, and do quests. Did 3 different playthroughs, with one perfect summit.

WARNING: Don't press escape or it wipes your progress... If you don't close the game you can resume the most recent level (not from your checkpoint) but it forgets the health upgrades you picked up.

The controls in this game have no dead zone. My controller has a slight tilt toward the right when I'm not touching it. In most games this isn't a problem, but since there's no dead zone, this game is unplayable as I can't stay still