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No it been modeled by Sean

And thanks :)Looks like we had similar idea for name xd

Game over screen is there, but bugged,,, don't know why i yet to investigate that

Oh no! Looks like i died while sleeping!

Once you got max speed you can't lose practically

This is pretty cool idea, i hope you get honorable mention for doing this ;]

no its not your fault really

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Looks very nice for newbie entry compered to other once, next time think of adding more gameplay logic ;] 

Also next time in package options set it to cook all and cook maps only, when your package is oversized

indeed means your system kernel is incompatible, not that most people working on UE4 don't know platform requirements

Oculus HMD module crashes the game with Oculus server turned on, if that happens start with -nohmd option. Remember to disable VR plugins if you don't use VR :p (supposedly the disable by default in 4.24)

You need to zip entire packaging folder for game to work, exe files only contain the code

I can confirm that games runs fine on Oculus HMD

For those who checking this out, remember you can force desktop mode by running the application with -nohmd in commend line (this should work with all unmodified UE4 games btw)

Also i raport it works well with Oculus HMD

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Please make submission for every #ue4jam 

But it's a lot harder to set up games without it, i could not demo it well on stream as result

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This is probably best entry in UE4 jams i seen. Why you did use Steam Online Subsystem? :p you are aware of game id 480?

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Next time set Cook All an Cook Maps Only in packaging settings so you don't bring birth to 11GB monster again :p

Game have Ray Tracing enabled, if you enable it in GPU like 1080Ti then it will lag, you can start with -dx11 option to fix that ;] or disable Ray Tracing in GPU

Did you maybe created levels in LittleBigPlanet in the past? :p

You should zip entire folder, all files in packaged directory are needed for your game to run

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If you wander how i got that broken high score, if you drop in the ground and then slide (by holding the directional button) to the target you get 100 points multiple times from target. Heres video record of that:

The item pickups voices are great ;p shotgah

The game is balanced already by it's own rules, it's instagib game you can't be more balanced then that and other players already have same chance to win, if anything you can always make level symmetrical to have perfect balance. If you asks me it a lot easier to make other players control the other pawn them making AI to work with it.

Whos is voice actor? ;p

5 sec before deadline ;]

Game runs on Oculus but only via SteamVR so it rebind buttons on controller making it compatible with oculus controller. you need to force it to use it by starting the game with -hmd=SteamVR in command line. Ultimately this can be fixed by disabling Oculus HMD plugin so game automatically will attempt to run it via SteamVR. 

There no shot abort, if you miss you need to watch the thing rolling for half minute until it stops, long respawn animation only adds to salt

This should be Multiplayer :o

Would be cool if after passing the game you could see translated game and see what you actually been doing

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123 should switch weapons instead of firing them, it impossible to move and fire in same time without finger gymnastics

Would be nice if you could teleport pieces with you

Finish lines should be a huge trigger box at end of level not special single spot i need to find, i spend more time on that then actual escaping

Remember to package the game next time ;p

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Glad you enjoy it ^^

It's not working on Steam servers, server runs on your PC when you create the game, Steam only manages connecting players together (via session tracking) and ports forwarding  for you (so you server is on your public IP) and for that you only need to use test Steam ID which is 480 and it's visible as "Spacewar" and thats what you should use for Jam 

server runs on your PC so you need to make sure you both can connect to each other

I just notice comment on the chat, i didn't skipped your game, i remember playing it :) It was one of last entries i played.. i might incidentally skipped it, but i got it at the end because numbers need to match so i check the all entry list for missed entries that tent to disappear from submission feed

No worries, but my ear hurt for a moment ^^'

If you didn't, try doing shipping build next time

A bit of warning, don't start 2nd game with headphones on high volume ;p

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Build the shipping build and all debug stuff will disappear even if you left them, also turn off VR plugins in your project, as it turn on all the VR software on when somebody runs your game and have VR connected. Look nice i hope you gonna make more stuff in UE4 ;3

It's not just law, but also against UE4 EULA, as one of restrictions states:

"for any gambling-related activities or Products (as defined by law in the jurisdiction of use)"

So if law see you game as gambling you can not use UE4 for that