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I just notice comment on the chat, i didn't skipped your game, i remember playing it :) It was one of last entries i played.. i might incidentally skipped it, but i got it at the end because numbers need to match so i check the all entry list for missed entries that tent to disappear from submission feed

No worries, but my ear hurt for a moment ^^'

If you didn't, try doing shipping build next time

A bit of warning, don't start 2nd game with headphones on high volume ;p

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Build the shipping build and all debug stuff will disappear even if you left them, also turn off VR plugins in your project, as it turn on all the VR software on when somebody runs your game and have VR connected. Look nice i hope you gonna make more stuff in UE4 ;3

It's not just law, but also against UE4 EULA, as one of restrictions states:

"for any gambling-related activities or Products (as defined by law in the jurisdiction of use)"

So if law see you game as gambling you can not use UE4 for that

I can confirm that game works on Oculus, only issue is that in order to point gun straight you need to have controllers in boxing positions (with rings being orientated horizontally)