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Thanks! I wish I had more time to devote to actually making my vision, but maybe one day. :)

Ah, interesting. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll change it now.

You're welcome! Thanks for playing!

Thank you very much! That's always an encouragement to hear.

For localizing, nNo plans yet, unfortunately, though I am open to it. Just a matter of finding the right people (and time to implement it <-- that's the kicker).

Thanks for the info and for checking out my game. I've got a inquiry going on to see if I'm crazy or not. :P

I'm glad you liked it! My next one will be much longer (shameless plug, the prototype is already longer:

Hmm, I remember there being an option to allow Steam keys even though it's free. Try going here and see if this will repopulate:

Meanwhile, I'll look into what happened.

Thanks! I definitely put more work into her visuals and personality in this version, than the others. :)

Guildmaster is a dating sim where you send cute girls out on dangerous missions and build relationships with them.

This is simply a Demo/Prototype, not a full game and it ends in a cliffhanger. Currently this demo contains the following:

  • Two Different Endings
  • Expressions for 1/3rd of the girls (Scarlett)
  • Three Cute Girls!
  • You can go on a date with Scarlett!
  • Free Steam Key of my first Game, Assassin at Crimson Keep

Play as an assassin cornering his prey in a deep cave below the Crimson Keep!!

Enjoy a 30 minute adventure on your first playthrough, then come back for the other Five Endings in this Visual Novel.

All hand drawn art work and original music!