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not sure if this is a bug but in the browser version here DOT (i only noticed one instance and it was a bleed) kills did not contribute to kill enemy of type (machine to be specific and yes bleed was effective on machine and maybe it should not have been but still) personal development goal which is rather annoying since that implies it would also affect kill enemies goals and that was with a novice rogue which kind of depend on bleeds early on

whats the card deck stat?

ok when text is coming and i press space bar it just immediately jumps to the next line please make it so instead it instantly finishes the line then next press brings next line 

maybe add a way to get back if you do get out of bounds

at second smasher i go out of bounds so maybe shore up the walls there


please make it so text is being written out pressing space or clicking the screen makes said text instantly appear the text crawl is sloooow and really boring to wait for

so is the original abandoned?

yeah the edges of the screen are cut off unless im in fullscreen and in fullscreen when i move the cursor down just above the bar below the actual cursor pops up above the ingame cursor and i am incapable of clicking the settings button

dont remember just get some of everything and see what decreases when you craft

ingredient list for potent arousal food is wrong

ok i just finished the game and overall i loved it but a couple of gripes

1. the game doesn't really explain stats i have no idea what sex appeal or intimidation does don't know how dodge or defense function or are calculates so its a lot of stuff has stats i don't know what those stats do, if they are insignificant or op

2. elemental damage is a system you cant use without knowing the elemental weaknesses and/or resistances of the enemies and far as i see there is no way to find that out making it an almost pointless system

3. skills skills are useful maybe 1-3 times each this is primarily due to the size of the game but when each skill does so little they feel unimportant the only skill you use a lot is handiwork for upgrading weapons (i rarely used consumables but that probably had something to do with the fact i was on a low difficulty) also we don't know what the highest skill req is meaning we might pump up a skill way beyond what is needed wasting sill points which would be bad if skills were important which they are not, so maybe add a max skill level?

4.tell us the max level so we can plan out a build knowing our limit

5.maybe have the training enemy show the damage calculation so you can go there to learn what to expect from attacks and weapon

yeah my biggest problems are a lack of ways for the player to find out bout game mechanics and the size of the game making certain game mechanics shallow

but overall fun game fun story looking  forward to if you have anything else to make


do you get anything special for sparing the goo girl that has jii'kii i tried but could not manage to do it am i missing something or am  i fine?

even though i have 2 handiwork skill i cant give a zipper arm cannon a core booster says i have insufficient handiwork but it says it only requires 2 and before then it wasnt until i got more mats than needed that the message switched from not enough resources to not enough handiwork

when i try to start the game the game area is just black browser is firefox

2 questions did you change anything in the first game from the remake already on and which games are already in?

(1 edit)

just played through it so for those of you who are wondering about my original comment at the time of this comment the only episode included is death of a lawyer

btw i played the original version just before i played this

as for differences the police station has been changed to be consistent with later episodes 
the mansion of the lawyer has been changed a bit i personally like the new look it is less bare
the dialogue has been updated to be more consistent and adding Dreggs hatred of the post office to the first episode 

the biggest change and one im not sure i like is having Dregg learn what he is in the first episode in the original he discovered it much later and i think that was better done than how it was done here
but i will only really know when more remakes get released (although it has been a year this is a side project so i still have hope)

what is different between this one and the original? 

also according to your patreon this is a combination of multiple games from 1st season (this is how i understood it) which games are included?

is there a version of the game which contains both parts of the game?

its been a while in-game and no diary entry

i have the purple flowers how/when do i give them to wanda?

how do you use mines and turrets?

the cutscenes are slow also needs an option to skip the intro

very annoying to play like that interesting puzzle not fun to play

any hint for 12? i cant find a way to bring low blue up in a way in which it can interact with the top

too slow the vines are slow the animations are slow the movement is slow everything is too slow

pls make it so using space bar advances images it is really annoying having ti move my hand to the mouse to continue

(1 edit)

some way of ending the heist immediately if you can see you plan wont work because for instance you did not realise you had to order them to open doors

p.s the symbol for door was a bit confusing the first time since i thought they were already open

have the color of the guys match the color of the dot (shirt or frame) makes it easier to tell which is which