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Tachyon community · Created a new topic Cant make a server

Idk how to make a server to even play the game

I really support the idea of difficulty settings, that would help a lot.  I would support the game by donating, but I dont have the money to donate. 

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Well, I just dont make enough profit from the tin to even upgrade to iron, so its just very difficult for me and idk how many other people have this problem other than me.

Also i think maybe some of the metals like titanium, adamantine, etc... are way too expensive and very hard to earn enough money to buy them. Maybe you could make them cheaper and/or make the "players" give you more money for the weapons. I really love this game so far and just finished playing it for about 6-7 hours. I got to day 23 and it gets almost too fast for me. A couple "players" left because i couldn't go fast enough, but still a very good game for a work in progress.

I think it would be cool to combine some of the metals if possible. Like mix a copper ingot with a tin ingot and see what it could make. I cant wait for this game to be updated father and want something to do with the crystals and the shadowy figure. I would also love a story to the game and see some battling in the game.