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A member registered Nov 18, 2021

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I can't believe this game almost killed Markiplier 10/10

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hey, i believe i got banned on your discord server, a bot took over my account a while ago and it apparently posted a link in it with a few other servers, i got it back a while ago, so could you perhaps unban me

the game won't run for me

Finished First Try


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where do i go post story end party with Clara after i talk to the green clothed women near the spy pond and everyone else, i think

The game won't open

where do you get version

mine seems to not want to open completely, it crashes immediately after trying to open it

hoping that this game getsmore to it even if it's just a testing thing

hoping this is still being worked upon, its a really nice demo- for the full one

did anyone else get an image error at the cow girls place in chapter 3?

(Failed to Load: img/characters/$cowgirlyellow Bust3.png)