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Sgt. Chaos

A member registered Dec 30, 2017

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Nice Game! Sadly it has a short playtime, roundabout ~3 Min. It is not quite enough for my taste there I had hoped for a little bit more but the beginning of an awesome game is there.

It's a well crafted Horror Game, for everyone that is searching for a great experience stop right here and get this game!

You just want me to call you Mr Wise, am I right?

Just amazing! If you haven't played the game then go for it! it is worth it! Riddles, Concept and Art Style are unique and inviting you down a rabbit hole of insanity.

10 out of 10! I love that game and can just recommend it to everyone, even though if you don't know the first Part it's well worth it! Here is my Playthrough and my thoughts:

The minor things that stud out to me were in the Love Tunnel got caught by him without realizing it and was left wondering why I got reset, and the laughing is used a bit excessive for my taste leaning to the end of the game it was a bit annoying not so much scary anymore. But that's already big-time whinging, great game guys!

Nice concept, nicely executed! This Game is a few minutes of your life worth, just try it out!

Just an incredible little game with a nice twist! I love it!

Is it intentional that the "Game" has no final states? This feels to me more like a prototype with minimal to none gameplay mechanic :(

First congrats to your first game! Honestly a nice idea, but the level design lacks a bit of diversification.

A random jump scare here and there some markers other than the mannequin on the wall, other textures for the floor that would look more like real building floors maybe some random lamps would make huge difference, maybe throw some traps in there as well. Just my opinion I hope you will update the game in the future and make it even more enjoyable!

Man, you got me with your jumpscares. The first one was nicer executed then the later one. I enjoy the art style you are going for here. 

An overall pretty impressive and solid game you produced here and that just in 30 hours! Congratulations! I would recommend this game to everybody.

For 8 Month getting at all a game together and having the courage to show it off to the world is outstanding! Don't you think your other games are safe now :) for sure add me on the list! If you ever need some theoretical advice I have a shit ton of failed projects in my past or a voice line, I think I got a decent setup for this as well or a last minute jam partner if I have spare time drop me a message!

I'm glad you are taking the criticism productive, it is meant that way I think you got an ass load of potential. 

Very interesting Story choice would love to see a game from you with more polishing. 

It's a step up from What is that, but it feels rushed. The first encounter with the lady was in a well-lit room that made the encounter a bit strange not so much scary. The event triggers could be a lot earlier in most cases. Don't give the player time to examine the whole situation before he wanders in the trigger, that can make a scary situation strange, the same for the event's they don't need to examine every bit before it vanishes. The gaps and overlaps in the level weren't really pretty and the tiling of some textures was off, that's the reason I said the game feels rushed. (A bit harsh but you asked for honest opinons)

But that's just my two cents! Big props to you for finishing and submitting the games, Really Love them! I tried to enter a few jams as well but I want to make things too perfect and never got one finished in time.

I had so many Problems with that Vid >_< sorry if it's not the best quality GamePlay.

EVP you say, sure thing will check it out tomorrow ;) and for No End House I will keep an eye out! Got already an Steam listing? 

Awesome mate! I followed you already and looking forward to play the remake/remaster! Thanks for the like and sub it's really not necessary but greatly appreciated :) if you want to hear my opinion I loved the fact that I did not know if I hurt that being or not that was almost like getting a sense of security due to "hey I got a weapon" and then the feeling of security started to crumble maybe you could exploit that false sense of security in a remake :) 

Love it, could use a lot more polishing but that jump scare got me pretty hefty, the end was a bit disappointing in my opinion, but overall good work, Mr. gets impaled ;)

Thanks for making this game :)

Interesting gruesome and Funny Story at the same time! Had a good laugh!

The Jumpscare got me... damned! Great work for such a small timeframe, awesome potential!

It's an awesome concept, sadly that picked up thing was a bit confusing to me, I needed to hold the LMB down and then hover over stuff to pick it up. 

I didn't felt the fridge coming any closer that would have been awesome, almost like a time pressure to get it done, like this I sadly had no immediate thread to worry about.

Awesome man, the graphics are stunning. Even though the end is pretty obvious, it scared me a little bit.

I have to thank you, for the great experience you delivered and the wholesome feedback!

Man, you nailed the horror setting, especially in the last bit! Keep it Up! A bit short but sweet! Worth a try! A little bit of lure would go a long way, just my opinion.

Awesome Work! Really enjoyed that Storyline. I would love to see that Story more fleshed out!