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Try to survive on this island by collecting resources and building items that will help keep you alive.

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Earn meme money in this clicker game!

Are you at home, with nothing to do? Let's earn some meme money. Click on your computer to make more money. Buy updates to earn more money per click and to generate money without having to click. Be the richest player and show that you know what to do in the off hours, make money!

Created a new topic Suggestions

Post here any suggestions that you want see in the game ;)

Created a new topic Bug's

Report any bug that you find in the prototype here ;)

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Update 0.6.0:

- Added a pause menu when you are playing the game

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Update 0.5.0:

- Added more sounds

- Added a splash screen

- Improved the credits screen

We have launch a new update, hope you enjoy!

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Update 0.4.0:

- Added the option to reset the high score

- Added some sounds to make the game more fun

- Added a screen with the credits

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Update 0.3.0:

- Added the High Score menu option. Now you can see the best score that you have made

- The game save the score when you press the Esc key and return to the main menu

itch.io Community » Game Development · Created a new topic Pong
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In the game you must beat your opponent sending the ball behind him. The game has difficulty levels that make more interesting game, and soon will have several new features. Please visit us and download the game.

Feel free to give suggestions, criticism or praise about the game

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Update 0.2.0:

- Added the option to throw the ball with the spacebar

- Added the option of pressing the Esc key, return to the main menu

- Added the options menu, where you can modify the difficulty of your opponent

- Improved performace

- Added an icon for the game

Created a new topic Updates

Here will be described the updates performed in the game