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Great Idea, and a nice way to bring awareness! 

Would you be willing to extend this bundle again? Great Assets and cannot wait to use them!

Thank you, You Start with 5 Lives but when tea cups are knock off you obtain another "life"

thanks had a blast playing your game as well. Good luck and look forward to future challenges!

I found the interface difficult to navigate. Love the board game (roll-n-write) feel! Great job completing

Good Controls, And cool idea but the gameplay is still missing. Looking forward to a few updated on the project! Great job getting as much in as you did with such a tight time constraint.

Great Art and Great Gameplay! Only thing missing for me was some type of level progression. Like Cavlar mentioned I played it much longer than I expected! Great Job and congrats!

Nice story!

Good Story and good use of the platform! Congrats on finishing the game!

Great Game! You have no idea how badly I wanted the pitcher to fill up! Great Game and concept. Congrats on completing!

Nice Game, I would have liked to see a few different items drop and tighter game controls but nice concept! Congrats on completing & submitting a game! 

Great Concept, I know you ran out of time but a simple win condition would have been great! Look forward to more of your games! 

Fun Concept and I enjoyed it but I would have liked to seen at least 1 challenge type (puzzle, enemy, etc..). Congrats on completing and hopefully next Jam you can spend more than a few minutes because your Art style is great!

I had a lot of trouble understanding what to do in this game or how scoring worked. I was able to get lucky a get five points but repeating that task didn't score me points the next time. Great art style and even better concept!

Great Story, The collisions seemed be be off and I didn't notice my player taking any damage. The game was a little too simple but still worth the play! Thank you for sharing and congrats on completing the game!

Fun Game! For me I would have loved to see both cups on a single screen. Thanks for sharing and congrats on completing the game!

Fun Game! For me I would have loved to see both cups on a single screen. Thanks for sharing and congrats on completing the game!

Enjoyed the Game, I loved the negotiate feature. I would have loved some more interaction with picking tea leaves, Maybe a small mini game where the tea leaves drop from the top and you have to catch them in a basket... Enjoyed the game! Thank you for sharing

Fun Little Game! I enjoyed playing it but would love to see more obstacles and a bit more randomness to the platforms. 3 hours just isn't enough time:) Great job on finishing the project and thank you for sharing I had fun!

Added a quick Quality of life update, by cutting the sound effects in half. I was programming at night and didn't realize how loud it was.  

Thank you for the comment. Agreed about the movement, I am new to construct3 and could not figure out a way to apply force automatically. I will definitely revisit this concept and try and add the auto movement, special abilities, and better menus. I cannot believe how fast 3 hours goes, especially without a clear strategy!!