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You should check Ludum Dare 37's entries, it was the theme of the jam ;)

Thank you! It means a lot <3

I'll do my best to make a great game, and to continue to explain technicalities as they come :)

That's the plan :)

Yeah, I kept momentum tricks in the game for a long time because I love how they reward players caring to details. The bad thing about it, is when a new player triggers momentum tricks by accident, it it very disturbing an unnatural.

I really think there is now enough tricks for high level play (short hop, tech, wall-jump, fast-fall) to not rely on things that can kill uneducated players.

In the case of neutral special, the hard nerf is on purpose. Online play was only a mater of pushing the opponent to the edge, and edge-guard with sliding neutral special. I would have loved to keep an effect with momentum, but as a strong kill-move, it has to be punishable easily. Having it fixed in time, and movement allow the opponent to react as soon as the charging animation starts. This is an early kill move, and requires an hard-read to be placed efficiently.

Above is my reasoning for the changes. I sincerely think they are good but certainly can be improved. I would be glad to discuss the movesets in details on the Discord if you are inclined to join.

Actually, the game is a ROM,inputs and their configuration are handled by the emulator.

If you talk about the Linux/Windows version, it is FCEUX and uses SDL_Input. The web version is em-fceux, and uses emscripten's gamepad API.

A lot happened since the cart release. The cart was released two years ago with version 1.0 which was an NROM game, had only one character, only one background tileset and no netplay. So the version on this page is a fully working game, far more complete than the cart version. It will continue to receive updates as I improve things and add contents.

Actually the main mapper for version 2 will be the RAINBOW mapper, which is not yet available but will have an integrated WI-FI chip, allowing the netplay from real hardware. I also build compatibility ROMs for common mappers, so it works on emulators without RAINBOW support, the mapper 30 version is just that.

Finally, yes it is coded from scratch. I also implemented RAINBOW support in a fork of FCEUX for that. You can find the source code on github if curious ;) If you prefere a more high level take on interesting technical topics, the devlog of the game (here on contains a lot of technical highlights.

I hope to have answered all your questions. Do not hesitate if there is still anything you want to know (I'll be more than happy to brag on any topic xD)

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Thanks for your generous purchase!

Here is the label in printable format:

If you are making your own cartridge, you may also want the manual, it is a square format and available here:

(Note that both are from the version 1.0, sadly it makes the manual quite dated.)

I am glad that you like the game! Thank you for your feedback, and be sure that updates are comming ;)

(It is slow while in alpha, and will progressively be more often as the release approaches.)

Are you playing with a gamepad or your keyboard? If it is with a gamepad, can you go to press some buttons (it should react by showing numbers), and see if it is stable with this site. If it is unstable you may have a problem with your gamepad. Also, when it happens, can you move with the keyboard (still assuming you are using a gamepad)

For the window to appear, you may have to click the address bar of your browser to avoid the game capturing your keyboard input.

Also which browser are you using? Like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, something else?

Finally, you may have less problems by downloading the version for your computer.

Thanks for taking time to help me investigate. Hope we'll find a solution.

Thanks! I am glad that you enjoy my little game!

Thanks for your feedback on Kiki. Actually, Kiki is being developed and her specials will be nerfed with future updates :)

That's the first time I hear about your bug. Can you tell me more ? Are you playing the game on this page or have you downloaded the executable? The game freeze completely or just your player stops moving, while music and CPU player still continue (like if you just unplugged the controller)? If you play in your browser, next time it happens, could you press Ctrl+Shift+I (a weird window will appear), and take a screenshot of the "console" tab? That would be really helpful to me.

Thank you for your feedback!

Kiki is definitely too strong. Actually, the character is not completely finished, she has a lot of placeholder animations and needs to be tweaked. Your feedback comes at the good time =)

For now nerf ideas were to add a big end lag to most of her attacks and to have platforms disappear after a short time. Forcing her to touch the ground before drawing a new platform is an excellent idea!

Sorry, I do not plan to add a four players mode. One big reason is that it would limit the possibilities for characters graphics: currently each character can take up to almost half of the video memory which is useful as they have more than 20 animations each.

So until I find a clever way to avoid sacrificing too much of the animations, it is advised to run a tournament when playing with more than two players. There even is printable themed brackets here:

I plan to release new cartridges when the version 2 is ready. I hope that it will be in 2021, but can't promise anything. We are still in very early stages of this version.

I do not plan to produce more cartridges of the version 1.

In the meantime you are free to download the game and put it in an everdrive, or even produce your own cartridge. I know that it is not the same thing as an "official" cartridge, I am sorry for not being able to bring better news.

Thank you <3

Oh sorry for that. The freshly released version use a recent kind of cartridge which is not supported by all emulators. Its name is UNROM-512 or "mapper 30" if you want to check for support in a particular emulator.

I may choose to use another cartridge (to get better emulator support) in a futur update. Do you want that I let you know when it is the case?

Thanks for the kind words! Thats super nice to know that you love my little game.

I am currently working on the version 2, which will feature more playable characters. Only one more at first, with plans to add new ones from time to time. Hoping it fills your wish to have more weapons.

Playing on a SNES is pretty awesome o_O I didn't even know it was possible. What do you use? Some NES emulator on a linker?

Note: I cannot promise that the v2 will work on your SNES. It is based on bigger NES cartridges that are often not supported by emulators :s

I did not make anything specifically for Windows. You can still download the NES ROM from this page and run it in MESEN or FCEUX emulators. Alternatively you can play the HTML5 version at the top of this page.

I got some premade PCBs on which I soldered ROM chips containing my game. Wrapped this in a NES cartridge shell. Finally, I printed stickers and a manual.

The exact process is pretty long to explain. While fascinating to do, it will not fit in a comment. You can find more by searching for “NES repro tutorial” on the internet. A “repro” the re-creation of an old game, but it is exactly the same process for your own new game (and a lot more legal.)

A NES cartridge yes. It is always nice to play NES games on the actual system :)

Merci. Ça fait plaisir à lire, surtout de la part du grand amateur de jeux épurés que tu es !

Merci ! Ce résumé est juste parfait... Et dire que je pensais que ça serait incompris :)

Je vais répéter ce que les autres on dit, mais bon. Le jeu est magnifique, le système est très intéressant et les contrôles répondent super bien. Dommage que la difficulté soit prohibitive, j'ai galérer pour passer les trois premiers écrans et j'ai bloqué sur le quatrième. C'est dommage, j'imagine qu'après ça viennent des écrans plus intéressants qui nous demandent de cumuler les pouvoirs de chaque forme, et j'aimerais vraiment voir ça !

Les règles sont bien pensées et on se prend vite au jeu. Bref, un très bon jeu !

Le style graphique est excellent. J'aime visuellement mais, même sans animation ni son on comprend ce qui se passe (et ça c'est fort) ! Le gameplay est lui aussi agréable.

Juste un problème potentiel si tu décide de polish un jour : la difficulté est descendante. Au début tuer deux gardes est un défi, après quelques upgrades on les exploses juste en passant sans y penser.

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Beau mélange de particules et de physique, ça marche au poil ! Et quelle finition o_O La physique est réglée aux petits oignons, on à plusieurs niveaux de difficulté croissante et même un tuto. Impressionnant !

Merci !

Oui, avec la NES ajouter le moindre contenu demande souvent d'optimiser ce qui est déjà là. Ça prend du temps et rend impossible d'ajouter un truc à l'arrache en fin de jam. Mais je ne vais pas me plaindre, on est parti là dessus pour le sport et on a été servis !

Merci. En effet le format n'est pas conventionnel, je suis même surpris d'avoir eu quelques bons retours =) Plus long je ne sais pas, mais plus fourni ça me tente bien. Notamment avec d'autres humains qui marchent à nos côtés (nos parents au début, puis nos amis, notre amour,...) ça pourrait raconter une histoire plus personnelle.

Merci pour ton retour (et de ne pas l'avoir arrêté après "uistoriginal" :D )

Pas de problème pour le build Linux. C'est pour le build Windows que j'en ai bavé =)

Arf, il n'y a pas assez d'étoiles disponibles pour noter votre direction artistique : 6/5 !

J'adore les graphismes !

Un jeu de combat c'est toujours dur à polish, un bon gameplay se joue sur des détails, ça prend énormément de temps en jam. Enfin là, entre les graphismes et le concept, le potentiel est très présent.

Cette capacité de dash en bougeant rapidement la souris est si naturelle. Je n'avais jamais vu ça, mais je l'ai fait intuitivement. Couplé aux magnifiques graphismes, on titille la perfection ! Joli travail !

Pas mal du tout, le voice acting est rigolo et le déplacement du personnage est agréable.

Vu le parti-pris, j'ai du mal à ne pas comparer ce jeu à Hotline-Miami. Je pense qu'un élément essentiel d'hotline miami est le rythme, hors là on est ralentit par des ennemis qui ne veulent pas mourir. Peut-être qu'en faisant mourir les ennemis en une à deux balles on retrouverait cette nervosité.

En tout cas c'était sympa à jouer. Merci pour ce jeu !

J'ai eu le même problème : il manque le .pck dans l'archive Linux. En chargeant la version Windows et en mettant son .pck à coté du binaire Linux ça marche.

J'ai adoré, surtout quand on rentre dans la tour. Ce changement d'ambiance marche super bien !

Eh bien merci, tu m'as fait rougir :*)

Les contrôles du mille-pattes sont perturbants, mais il est trop mignon quand il se perd dans sa propre queue <3

Très bonne idée et une prise en main agréable. Bien joué !

Alors là, je vais répéter ce qu'on dit les autres mais : ce concept est vraiment excellent ! C'était super sympa à jouer

J'aime l'humour dans les entrées de gamejam et j'ai été servi. Rien qu'en lisant la description on sait à quoi s'attendre =)

La musique relaxante marche super bien. On prend le temps de chercher les options et doucement on s'attache au personnage. Merci pour ce bout jeu ! La version complète pourrait-être excellente.