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Thanks 🥰

Come to the Discord to make cool friends who play the coolest game in the universe.

Or you can also try the Arcade mode ;)

Haha! Thanks ♥️

(Pepper mains are the bests!)

Hit me up on Twitter or Discord DM

Twitter: @RogerBidon


Thank you 🥰

Begining with today's release (2.0-beta7) You should be able to play with the Windows version available on

Please tell me if there is any problem.

Hello! Happy to hear that you like the game!

Can you try this version of the emulator?

You will need to download the normal windows version ( to get the ".nes" file from its "rom" folder. Then open the .nes with the emulator above. It should work, and you should be able to go online.

If it works, I'll find a way to include it in next release so you don't have to care about 32/64 bits emulators.

Haha, and did you see that "special thanks" section in the credits? Freakin awesome ;)

Thank you ♥️

Done, and you got your name in the credits ;)

yes, he is like that on the development version. So next update he will look like that ;)

Here is your ROM:

I just had to change the last frame's duration of the defeat animation. Max value is 255.

I love it. May I reuse some parts in the official game? Notably Pepper's victory/defeat animations 😊️


Looking forward to see that 👀

once again, the answer is "technically yes, but that is hard to setup"

I think I'll add a ticket "make the mods downloadable ingame" to my TODO-list. That would be super cool and make mids work anywhere easily 🔥

Anyway, you will need to recompile the game. Wich is not trivial to setup.

Any other way to contact me in private? By email maybe:


Yes you need a nes to run the physical game. We put a cheaper reward with only digital OST and a comic with a small story featuring the game characters if you really want to help but don't need the cart ♥️

(The game here will stay free and kept up to date. We really sell the carts.)

if you can hop on discord and send me the .json file, I can build a private version for you.

(I really should add a button to do that automatically on the web editor.)

Haha, glad you got it solved. I would have been of little help I fear 😅

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Haha, that's cool. Sorry for the late reply. I love your analyse of characters, exactly the kind of feedback I lack the most. Thank you!

About lgbik, I won't pick it in the official build because I am really touchy with which character should make it to the main roster. But, I admit he is promising and would fill a hole in the current cast. Did you know the game can be modded, we even have a character editor: for now it is quite technical to build the game after creating a character in the editor, but I could personally help with that when you are happy with the character in the editor ;)

Click that "Download Now" button on the game's page

Dowload the Linux, Windows or MacOS version depending on your system and launch it.

Alternatively, you can download the client that should diwnload the appropriate version when you click "install" on Super Tilt Bro.

Thank you ♥️

Thanks 😊


A new CPU level would be cool, I am sure I have that somewhere on the TODO-list. Sadly it means rewriting chunks of the AI's logic, so I have to focus on more impacting changes first. Notably, next release the Arcade mode should be way more enjoyable than now 😉

Not yet decided ;)

Do you have any suggestion?

When going to "private", the game asks you a password.

Put whatever you want in it, and tell you friend to put the same password. You will be matched together.

Weird, the link seems to still be valid. What is the error message?

This is because there are not a lot of players.  Your chances to be on a server at the same time as another user are very thin. The game is quite unknown :)

You can still play online with your friends, or come on Discord to ask if someone wants to play in our matchmaking channel ;)

Damn, I just tested, everything seems fine.

What exactly is the problem? Does it freeze when choosing "casual", or when you already choosed your server and estimating latency, or ingame?

Are you on browser or desktop? If on browser, when trying to go online without fullscreen, do you see a red popup saying that your performance are too weak?

Thanks for saying it's cool though 😊


Final smashs would be a nice addition to the game.

Sinbad is the mascot of the Ogre3D graphics engine.

Kiki is the mascot of the Krita painting software.

Pepper is the main character of the webcomic Pepper&Carrot.

VGSage is the mascot of the VideoGameSage forum.

The first three are from the free and opensource culture. Based on Super Tilt Bro. being an opensource project.

The last one is from the retrogaming community, because this is a game for the NES.

Kiki is Krita's mascot yeah :)

Sure come on Discord, we'll se when we are both available

ingame? It is the character from the big animation when you hit your punch.

In lore? It is another character from the VideoGameSage forum.

I agree. I plan to remove the hitboxes on prepare time, maybe reduce the range of the strong hitbox, and maybe increase end lag duration.

Another thing that would be cool would be to have the big animation + instakill only once per game (maybe on the sage's last stock). Normal, punch would be powerful but not instakill.

Yeah! New character and new game mode 🔥

Let me know your best times in arcade ;)

I am on the final stages of working on it.

The new character pushed the engine beyond its limits, I had to change quite a few things and now need to fix what broke as a result 🤓

I can't give a date, but for sure the next update will be big 😉

I am working on the Sage from the VideoGameSage retrogaming forum.

I guess this is the best display I have of the in-development version:

The character will be heavier than others, with high ground mobility but poor aerial speed, multi-hit attacks, and a kind-of falcon punch with a big full-screen animation.

Easy and Fair AI are actually the same code than Hard AI with longer reaction time. I guess you run toward Kiki, so the time she take a decision, you are so close she can only jab.

Improving AI is on the plan. Notably for Kiki who may benefit a lot from using her specials more. It will come in quite some time though (I am currently working on a new character and an arcade mode.)

In the mean time you may try to jump more against her, forcing her to use aerials.

On the web version: click the controller images at the bottom of the screen, or the cross icon at the top.

On the desktop version: go to "controller inputs" in the menus.

Nice analysis!

It matches mine on most points. Except for Kiki's recovery which I think is the poorest of the game. You can recover high because "double jump -> spe up -> double jump" can gain a lot of height rapidly. But if you are forced to recover low, it is too predictable, you don't have any tool to hit a edgeguarder, and wall-jump does not allow a second up-spe.