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Pretty fun if you are looking for some feedback the movement is alittle stiff and the forced repeated action is alittle clunky but overall its awesome experience. Enjoyed it :D

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Nice! Looking forward to your feedback. Goes up for free early access beta on November 3rd if you wanna swing by :)

Can't wait to see what you do, will be following this. Racing or not you have a good foundation for something cool for sure.

Really cool looking project! Looking at your YouTube you seem to be focusing this towards being a racing game yeah? Impressive stuff!

Fun! Got 608, i imagine that isnt great but i done my best haha

Cool work! :) btw

J : Block

K : Attack

You have your buttons the wrong way around. For me was J to attack

Are you sure? Not only can you still apply - people are being accepted.


Partner List:

The last accepted user was 5 days ago.

It states that these users can access "a large collection of paid games" I was prepared to enter my game into this system assuming it was people who at least had some kind of platform but it doesn't appear to be the case.

I'm releasing a game here this month and was setting up my page, decided to have a look at the partner & affiliates list to see if it should put my game into the system where they are able to download the game for free. However, looking at the list many (at least recently) have almost no following and a number of them have invalid websites and i even found a few that provide no references at all meaning they just said that they write reviews, provided a fake website and they were approved. What's going on here?