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Unfortunately I'm looking for something like Blender or Maya.

I run Sexyverse Games and I'm always looking for a 3D animator to do NSFW animation for a long term project. I'm the writer, organizer, and promoter. I have a programmer and we have a good number of completed games. You would mainly do simple animation loops involving 1-2 characters, mostly sex scenes. The game would be pretty vanilla and like to work with your interests and strengths in mind. All I need to know is if you can produce content on a weekly basis, what your rates are or if you want revenue share, and relevant examples of your work. Communication, reliability, and consistency are very important.

Here's some of our projects:

No breeding content right now and the game won't be sold on Itchio.

It's complete and can be purchased on Gumroad:

Just the nude scenes.

Unfortunately we don't have any android ports at this time. Maybe in the future.

They are not animated. And just remember that this is only the demo. The actual game is on Gumroad:

It was just a small game we did. It's complete and can be bought on Gumroad:

You can use the map or navigate normally.

Thank you very much! Glad you liked it!

Only Goddess Realm is being worked on. The other games are completed and can be purchased.

You can also download all our demos here:

Maybe in the future.

Only scenes designated for the full build on Patreon are skipped in the public build. Everything else is still available.

Sex scenes are skipped but everything else should be visible.

The game is finished and can be bought on our Gumroad Store or you can get it by pledging $5 on our Patreon.

It's not in the game just yet. It'll be updated at the end of the month with more content.

You have to do all the activities with her to build up points. Completing it gets you Horny mode as well.

Yes, the demo only has a few options. The full game has more options and even a couple of alternate modes with more dialogue as well nsfw content.