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All jokes aside, we did enjoyed playing this a lot! Congrats man, you rock.

I could not kill more than 4, they stopped respawning. Also the banhammer seems to dissapear after the fist kill.

This game is chopping up my pc, I hit the counter and it was running at like 1 FPS. Of course I could not find the secret ending. Good idea though.


Lol, love the timer at the end that tells you how much it took to end.

I will try to get as far as I can, I was really enjoying this one man.

This game has a lot of depth and is actually quite decent. Great job!

Dude this game was way way more than what I expected. It has been one of my favorites so far. matches get out of control after half of the powerups have been taken. Please continue working on this!!

Also my sad face above is broken. :´(

I think the game is broken on windows, the zip gfile you forgot to put the assets folder :(

Controls are super hard to master, also, if there could some particles in space it would give more sense of depth and help get the food faster.

Did I really accomplish world peace? I think I did. 

Controls are so weird. i barely finished a lap. On the other side, most of the crowd were dead by the time the race ended.

This was so confusing. I gues i am good, got to circle 8

Faboulousness arter lol

Simple yet entertaining. Also the artwork kinda reminds me of those children books

Dude what a character rooster, did you spent most of the time on the character design? Lol they are so funny

Nice game, more polished more deck etc would actually make it for a nice and full game

That hairy ass is pure art.

Nice idea, but took me around 10 minutes to figure it out

Awesome game, please fix the dash bug, maybe a map screen and more enemies with more attack patterns, but this game rocks so hard!

Congrats to the developer

Nice to see a multiplayer game on these games.

Ok, I like the idea, the guy had some awesome annimation.

Mini puzzle, very entertaining

2650 its a lot. I did only like half of that, and reached number 17

Pretty fun game, music is awesome. also liked that you transform into a fox with a machine gun!!

Looks gorgeous. Sound is also amazing, I would not have believed this was done in 48 hours. amazing!

Game and idea of blood being your ammo is good. But if you could also add more AI instead of having just 3 enemies or resetting would be good.

Try running in compatibility for windows xp sp3. I liked the concept of stealth, works really good. in my opinion ink is overpowered.

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This game is so out of control, I found myself stacking up boars, I got the duck out of the game screen, this game is so funny! Now being serious, maybe having more stages would be great.

lol, glitches are out of control, it's really funny. Grannie coach looks good.

Nice game, but the goat? moves too fast and you go down way to slow, by the time you are doing next jump it gets me

The boss is impossible! Excellent game, one of my favorites so far from the game jam. And being procedurally generated gives it more replay value. I would love if the boss wasn't as hard, your hits almost do not hurt him.

Dude I really liked this game, it gets really really tough after stage 5. Also artwork and music are cool.

I hit a wall that seemed like a door and could not go any further, amazing to be done in under 48 hours.

A scoring system would be really good on this game.