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I managed to get one ending (I'll avoid elaborating to avoid spoilers). I ran into a few crashes here and there, but nothing game-breaking as it's not very time consuming to get back to any given point. I like the bits of foreshadowing that you've sprinkled about. Thanks for making this!

I enjoyed this quite a bit! Thank you all for making it <3

The puzzles were well thought out and very fun to work through. I soft-locked a few times, but since this game is a) short and b) a game jam game, I'm not losing sleep over it. The UI was explained well enough and the mechanics were intuitive. Since I'm a lifelong gamer, I experimented and figured out you can push the crates (the square tiles telegraph it well enough), but I suspect a player without crate-pushing experience might need a bit more to clue them in.

The aesthetics were on-point and I found the game a joy to look at. I was initially a bit disoriented by what was and wasn't passable, interactable, etc. but it became clear very quickly. The music was *very* lovely. Not only was the melody fun to listen to (caught myself humming it a few times), but the "period-appropriate" binary waltz form made for a perfect aesthetic fit. The tempo and slight restlessness served to keep me in a focused mood throughout; perfect for a puzzle game!

Really, really solid, all of you!

(P.S. If there's an easter egg involving the shopkeeper zapping you ala Link's Awakening, I didn't find it, but I'll bet money that at least crossed one of your minds XD)

I enjoyed the minimal UI and "learn-by-doing" approach to teaching the player the mechanics of the game, especially the WASD prompts at the very beginning. Every element of the UI was either demonstrated well or intuitive enough to figure out. 

In case this feedback is helpful, I found several aspects/mechanics were initially confusing:

- The void blended in with the mostly black background enough for it to be unclear that it was an antagonistic force. I would've also liked to see more visual contrast in the projectiles as - motion aside - they look nearly identical to the stars.

- I was unclear what jettisoning the cargo you pick up is supposed to do or what purpose it serves (if there *is* one; this is a game jam, after all)

Thanks for making this! I had fun playing.

I like the clever twist on the snake game concept. Controls are responsive, no bugs or glitches that I could find. If you continue work on this, I'd love to be able to see the multiplayer (that I presume is factored in for having a bigger and bigger body to deposit in the green area) in the score display for that extra dopamine hit. Solid and fun! Thank you, meester bug.

Thank you, thank you!

Thank you very much!  Very hyped to read that you enjoyed it!  Funny enough: the meow button was the *first* thing we all unanimously decided HAD to be in the game XD

Maybe cats are a trend in this community because Metroidvanias encourage curious exploration, visually marking terrain, and jumping reeeaaaally high to places you're "not supposed to go to"...all traits that cats exhibit?

Glad you had fun!  There is a map, but we didn't have time to implement it by the deadline.  Should we expand further, it will definitely be added!

Hmmm, I wonder if difficulty settings would be something to add if we continue the project.  Regardless, thank you for playing :-)

So glad!  Thanks :-)

Wow, thank you!  I'm glad you enjoyed it so much :-)  I appreciate you taking the time.

Thank you!  A map will definitely be included if the project continues.

There can never be enough kitty cats :-)  Thank you for playing, and for the kind words!  A map was planned, but deadlines nixed it.  Definitely something we'll be adding if the project continues.

Thank you for the kind words and feedback!  Not sure why the left analogue isn't working (I'm not the programmer), but duly noted if we continue the project!

Your comments make my day (as the sound person on the team).  I appreciate it greatly, thank you!

Glad you played and enjoyed it.  Nitpicks noted!

I'm glad that detail paid off.  Thank you for playing!

Audio person here:

Thank you very, very much for the kind words <3 The *very* first thing that was asked of me when we met to discuss the initial plans was the Meow Button LOL

Thank you for playing, and for the helpful feedback and suggestions!

I'm happy you got the cat to escape, too!  All feedback is well taken.

Music and ambience person here:

Thank you <3 Makin' my day.

Our artists did a fantastic job, imo :-)

Thank you for playing!

Thank you!  Glad to hear it.

"Spam Q" was our second choice for the game's title XD

In all seriousness, thank you very much for taking the time to play. You're not alone in having trouble finding the second upgrade, and it's something we're keeping in mind should we continue the project, for sure!

Thank you for the kind words, and for playing! A map was planned, but unfortunately didn't make it into the deadline. It'll most likely be implemented in future versions, though!

Thank you so much for sharing your playthrough! It was really exciting to watch it and hear your reactions <3

Thank you!

Thank you for the kind words and feedback!  A mini-map was planned, but sadly didn't make the deadline.

Our pleasure.  Thanks for playing it!

Thank you for playing!

No, thank *you*!


It was a delight watching you play this live.  Thank you so much for that and all the kind words!

Thank you, Arzulo!  High praise coming from you.